The Rise of Nazism American Style

In The Garden Of Beasts

It’s 1933 and Hitler has just taken power in Germany. Newly appointed ambassador Dodd from the United States takes up residence near the Tiergarten, a huge magnificent park area in Berlin. The beauty of the Tiergarten park contrasts directly with it’s name, which translates to Garden Of Beasts.

Erik Larson’s book In The Garden Of Beasts recounts the Dodd family’s arrival in 1933 Germany and their ever increasing exposure to the radical tyranny of the Nazi party. As ambassador Dodd and his family personally witness the noose tightening around the German people who dissent from Hitler (Communists and Jews) his cables back to Washington reflect his growing concerns that this man Hitler is not at all what he projects to the rest of the world. Dodd fears he is in fact just the opposite of his words.

The book gives a first-hand account of how a society can become gripped by an iron fist, but only if they choose to look the other way when tyranny is staring them straight in the face. Jews are beaten in the streets for the crime of being Jewish. The old and young alike are attacked by jackbooted thugs if they fail to properly return the Nazi salute. Books are being burned and old statues are being pulled down from their pedestals. The message is clear - fall in line or else.


The Hitler appeasers do their best to ignore the obvious and hope his clownish antics are just a flash in the pan. “He won’t last long”, is the general consensus around the world and even in Germany, and even among the Jews. But the violence and brutality do not stop, in fact they continue at an every growing pace. Dissenters find their business destroyed, sometimes burned to the ground.


As the violence increases the appeasers up the ante as well, offering the Nazis more and more with everything from cold hard cash to special privileges. Surely they will stop if we just give in a little more, the thinking goes. But they don’t stop. Every gesture of appeasement only reinforces the Nazi belief that their way is the only way, and their power increases exponentially. The appeasers see no way out beyond even more appeasement.


The book details the moral corruption of an entire society, step by step through the eyes of one American family caught in the jaws of Nazi German in the 1930’s. Yet there is an overriding theme running throughout the book - the endless capacity of human beings for self-delusion.

This seems to be happening now in this country.  The left again has taken to demonizing anyone that disagrees with force compliance or you lose your freedom of speech.    I hope  you leftists see what is going on and recognize that this is always a problem with the left.  NOT totally your fault...the Nazis/commies took over your party early on and were just very quiet and low key about it.

It is exactly what is happening here. With a media saying the public wants it this way.

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I believe the american public is seething and the media and politicians are ignoring it…at their peril.

Let’s hope so, but our mothers and fathers who were disgusted with riots and looting have mostly passed on.

Barring some drastic event like a nuclear war or TOTAL domestic economic collapse, it’s gonna be a 1968 replay. Biden is a weaker candidate than even Humphrey and Trump a stronger one that Nixon. I pray that Biden makes it to the finish line.

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He seems to be at the finish line every time he opens his mouth.

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LOL yeah…he IS finished. Won’t be no more runs after this one.

Do you believe I just read that this moron is already picking his “transition team”??? What a pompous so and so! We should bring out a bunch of women who were molested by this old fart. That should transition him right into an old folks’ home.


Hillary was counting her chickens before they were hatched too.

As for his “transition team,” I would remind everyone that Biden has already named Beto O’Rourke, who had called for confiscation of guns, to be his “gun tsar.” They are not hiding what they are.


That’s what’s so foul is that the dems are pretty much open about their direction–socialism aka communism. What is so appalling about it is that most of them don’t understand what is involved in either socialism or communism. And what’s worse is they know most young Americans don’t understand it either. They just jump on the marxist bandwagon because everyone else is. We’re doomed.

  1. I don’t see how Biden can avoid a debate. Even assuming softball biased questions (leaked to him in advance), I think he will crash and burn.

  2. Historically, young people don’t turnout.

  3. He can’t “move to the center” with his VP pick. The far left revolutionaries will revolt.

  4. There is no shortage of video exposing the policies of the far left that the majority of Americans find abhorrent for negative advertising.

  5. There’s 50 years of Joe Biden on the record with truly racist remarks and voting record that will deeply offend black Americans.

  6. Cherry picking demographics and the Bradley Effect have skewed the polls way out of proportion. On election day this will produce apathy in some Biden voters and stimulate (justifiably scared) Trump voters.

  7. The President has a record of: bringing jobs home, fighting illegal immigration, limiting legal (wage suppressing) immigration, bringing troops home, criminal justice reform, VA reform, support for Israel, playing economic hardball with crippling sanctions on our adversaries backed up by a rejuvenated military which can project force anywhere on the planet if needed, tax cuts, pressuring Mexico into doing their part on the southern border, replacing NAFTA with USMCA, beneficial bilateral trade agreements with Japan, South Korea, Australia and others. I could go on and on.

I feel that all of this adds up to a crushing defeat for the left in November.

The big dangers:

  1. Republicans cave of the mail in voting scam.

  2. Republicans who think they can placate the far left with concessions and accommodations instead of taking their issues head on.

  3. Republicans who distance themselves from the President in their election campaigns.


  1. How fast will the economy recover?

  2. Will Barr and Durham come through with high level indictments and I mean damn soon, it’s almost too late already. We have to prevent the left and the media from brushing it off as an election campaign stunt.

Anyway, that’s my case for optimism but I agree, a loss in November of the Presidency, Senate or House is doomsday for the Republic.


The only way that Biden can survive in the debates is if they can get him to memorize two and three sentence answers to five to ten questions. His mind can’t hold any more than that. If he gives an answer that nothing to do with the question, he might get by because politicians do that all the time.

The left will be desperate to protect Biden. He will be like Woodrow Wilson was after he had a stroke and hid out in the Whitehouse for six months. He will need to run “a front porch campaign” or in his case a bunker campaign because that’s all he can do. If he gets out and starts running his mouth, it might be over.

He never was very articulate. As he’s gotten older, it’s only become worse.

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These young pups who are tearing down the statues have no idea how any economic system works. They know nothing about free markets, supply and demand, five year plans or central planning boards that determine what is produced and sold. All they know is that their “little professors” told them that the country is racist and corrupt and that the deck is stacked against them.

If Democrats win, they are going to have to contend with this bunch of anarchists because they are not going to shut up if their demands are not met. It’s going to be harder for the Democrats if the economy is falling apart at the seams and cannot supply people with food and other basic necessities.

These clowns are Bernie Sanders people; they are not even left wing Democrats. They are revolutionaries.

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Not all Bernie supporters are extreme left revolutionaries. There are many who are left-of-center economic/populist/nationalists. They agree with Trump playing hardball with the ChiComs and globalists; they might not vote for Trump (some in fact will) but they’re not going to turnout for Biden.


My best advice to fight despair (I’m fighting it every day too):

  1. If you are able, volunteer for a campaign; presidential, senate, house, local representative … whatever.

  2. Don’t watch the news, it is designed to make you feel hopeless.

  3. If unable to volunteer, pursue some other hobby.

  4. Watch educational videos online, history, science, whatever floats you boat. Avoid political videos they will either enrage you and/or depress you.

  5. Last but not least, in our fast changing world: Don’t leave home without a weapon. It doesn’t have to be a firearm, a sturdy cane, 500 lumen pocket flashlight, taser, pepper spray, knife; they are all better than nothing and at least a few will be legal wherever you live. I’ve studied and researched them all. PM me and I’ll be glad to help select which one is right for your situation.


One thing that’s overlooked is to carry a can of wasp and hornet spray! Shoots up to 25’ so a attacker cannot get close enough to grab you first. Aim at the eyes. Requires hospitalization to neutralize.


I pray that you are right are right, especially in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where their vote will count. The whole west coast and New York and New England except for maybe New Hampshire, are controlled by lunatics who are too stupid to know where their best interests lie. When the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter communists knock down their doors, it will be too late.

[quote=“Sendgop, post:17, topic:78283”]
I pray that you are right are right, especially in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where their vote will count.[/quote]

Bernie had support of a number of blue collar workers in the rust belt (where their vote actually can make a difference). Some have already come over to Trump but they’re not voting for that crazy revolutionary crap.


Although I can’t stand the man, I do see some serious health issues with Biden. It seems to me that he has the symptoms of some kind of dementia. The man is not right in the head. I would demand a mental health assessment before allowing him to push on. He’s already picking his “transition” team. That alone suggests he’s got mental issues.

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WHAT a good idea.