The Rise of Nazism American Style

I think those poll results are skewed…>I looked through it and they don’t provide the usual expected material…number of people surveyed and margin of error. Looks manipulated to me.

No, I censor speech by putting peanut butter on the roof my opponent’s mouth.

The riots are my favorite thing about it, TBH. I was down when they started burning down police buildings. I don’t care about statues. But the American police force has been designed poorly for 30+ years. I’m old enough to remember knowing some OLD local cops who were trained up in the 60s. They were nice guys. Flat out majority of cops I know in the current era are honestly garbage people. I hate cops as a group because cop culture has become trash. They specifically recruit guys who are the ethical equivalent of the people they arrest. We ought to have a decent police force - and we don’t.

So I’m all for burning police cars, burning down police buildings. They don’t deserve respect because they haven’t organized in a way deserving OF respect.

It has. But it’s always a matter of prep. We’re about 15 years off from being able to live a life more luxurious than anything experienced by literal royalty leading up to the 20th century, and do it while being completely disconnected from society if you want. Between solar power, earthen houses, 3d printers, and LED tower agriculture, you can be 100% self sufficient after a few years in the workforce. No one else in history could do this. Any “problem” you would ever experience is because you chose to engage with it, and perceive it that way. This is the most problem free era in human history.

I can’t figure out what you are with you posts that go all over the political spectrum. My guess is that you are a stalking horse Democrat who will vote for Biden in November. If I am wrong, you can clarify your position.

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are you nuts?

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The far left always promises “utopia” if they were to get to take over. What they deliver are prisons, concentration camps and death for those who oppose them and poverty for everyone except government officials. Old Mother Russia, North Korea, Red China, Cuba and Venezuela are examples from which everyone should learn the truth. But some people are always ready to buy into the line of bull.

“This time we will get it right!” But they never do because the communist system is fundamentally flawed.

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I’ve said from the start I think Trump has earned re-election. I voted for him in 2016 and will in 2020. That said, I’m not joking when I say I want AOC in 2024.

I am indeed “all over” the political spectrum, because I keep an eye on individual people. I want people who think independently and work on behalf of their voters. Which is why I view someone representing a 90% impoverished white district in the West differently than someone representing a 90% impoverished black district in an urban setting, or someone representing a largely wealthy district. Different interest groups will have different priorities.

Biden has never been an agent of change, or fought for his beliefs. Biden’s beliefs have always been whatever some K-Street lobbyist has told him it is.

Trump has always been a fighter. And so is AOC. I know you feel some loyalty to a party that has stabbed you in the back at every turn for decades. I find that a lot more perplexing than supporting quality people in both parties.

I want Jim Jordan and Ilhan Omar to lead their respective parties in the Congress. They have very different governing philosophies, but I’ve seen both are capable of changing their minds, and they always seem to act in good faith. Josh Hawley and Tulsi Gabbard are some additional examples of quality people. 90% of Congress are corrupt hucksters. Slapping an R or D label on it doesn’t make me like than any better.

you also have to be discerning…these dems you name may be good for their radical and Islamic constituency…but they are not good for this nation, our constitution and the American people in general.


Sorry, @CWolf, but after reading your forthright statement of your political philosophy, I have to conclude that you have political schizophrenia. In other words, anyone who raises hell, whether they are correct or not, gets your vote. That’s crazy. You seem to have no core values; it’s all about those who agitate. I guess you agree with Trotsky’s call for permanent revolution.

As for AOC, she is a disaster waiting to happen. She is ignorant, bigoted and truly full of hate. She brings nothing to the table except rage. Omar is even worse.

Thank you for clarifying your position. I understand on one level why you post what you do. I also find it totally confusing, and I can never agree with it.

When the system is thoroughly corrupt - yes. Though I also said they need to be working from a set of their own principals. They need to be able to learn from mistakes. They need to be willing to try new things.

I don’t need people to be like me, as long as they’re true to themselves and seem to be operating from a set of principals. I have principals, but they aren’t about almost any of the political topics chosen by the editors of newspapers in the 1960s. You might notice that a Reagan Carter debate is about 75% the same material as Obama Romney. Why has nothing changed in 50 years? The political discourse has certainly changed a LOT due to Trump. That’s because he doesn’t accept the existing battle lines.

Voting for people like Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi is voting for perpetual stagnation. They put on a game - and it’s good enough to trick a lot of people. Does it fool you? Do you honestly think there will be a major difference if Nancy Pelosi is Speaker with 230 seats for the next four years instead of Kevin McCartney leading with 230? What will Kevin do with those seats? How will it impact your life?

A Republican House headed by Jim Jordan is one I would stand with and fight for. One lead by McCartney is worthless. You are right, I’m a hopeless case if your goal is convince me of the good intentions of the RNC or the “worse” intentions of the DNC.

I actually like more politicians in 2020 than I ever have before. I’m modestly hopeful for the future. Before Trump, I honestly never thought we could get a decent government. Right now… there’s a glimmer of hope that it could happen in this decade. But only if we primary out all of the conventional politicians.

Interesting discussion, made even more interesting by C.Wolf’s contributions. (A tiny extension: Trotsky’s view of “permanent revolution” was not some crazed commitment to revolution forever. It was an unfortunate choice of phrase, but what Trotsky was addressing was the problem of Marxists taking power in a backward country that was not ready yet for socialism. Mechanical Marxism would have predicted the socialist revolution first in the most advanced capitalist countries, like England or Germany, with a large working class, and a high level of culture, founded on a significant development of the ‘forces of production’. So what should Marxists in a backward country, like Russia, that was just beginning to set out on the road of capitalist development do? There were three (Marxistical) answers to this question among Russian Marxists: (1) be an opposition party, support the most advanced bourgeois party, and wait – the Menshevik view; (2) take power on the base of what working class existed, hopefully supported by the peasantry (not a socialist class) pursuing its own ends, and work to extend the revolution to the advanced countries – Trotsky’s view, “permanent revolution”. (3) set up some sort of hybrid regime … a “democratic dictatorship of the proletariat and peasantry” – Lenin’s view.) Of course all this is almost meaningless to American conservatives in the 21st Century.

CWolf is right: humanity is on the cusp – he/she didn’t mention the astonishing progress in genetics that has been made, which gives us the prospect, by the end of the century, of choosing/creating the genomes of our descendants: so, 180 IQ’s for everyone, no genetically-based diseases, a strong physique. And who knows what advances will be made in AI?

Of course, all this requires that there be no big thermonuclear war. We face the grave danger of just that, as the US slides down from its 70-year position as top of the heap, and China goes up. It will be very tricky for us all. But if we can get through the next few decades without destroying ourselves … we (our descendants) will make the leap from the Kingdom of Necessity, to the Kingdom of Freedom.

A very interesting review.

I don’t think post-1933 Germany is going to provide much in the way of insight for the US today.
That terrible, turbulent times are coming … yes. They may well include civil war and the breakup of the US. But we are very different from Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century. The main thing we would have in common – although it has not happened to the US yet and I hope it won’t – is a big military humiliation, which large numbers of people would blame on the ruling, leftist, powers.

These things will never happen. never. At least…not in the way people assume from the way presented.

I have a thread on it too:

Sorry for the late reply, Caroline. Why do you think they will never happen?

I’m very far from being someone who is deeply knowledgeable about genetics, and I will grant that we have heard over-optimistic predictions in this field more than once, but that was when gene editing was crude and inefficient … as you look at the advance represented by CRISPR editing, made possible by the CAS-9 nuclease molecule, my predictions seem to be a logical conclusion.

We are what we are, genetically, via two billion years of blind ‘natural’ processes. All that they did was to produce organisms which can survive and, critically, replicate their genes. If these organisms get cancer, carry genetic defects, age and die – if they exhibit behavior, like rape, that may increase their chances of passing on their genes, but which runs counter to current human values – this is irrelevant to the process. ‘Nature’ doesn’t care about human values (which change over time in any case).

But now we are on the verge of being able to intervene in this process, and shape it to our own ends. Why should a child be born with a propensity to breast cancer, or an IQ of 75, when with a bit of molecular surgery, we can make her disease-free, and give her double that IQ?

All we have to do is to avoid a big war among the major powers. And avoiding one will be made all the more likely if Mr Trump follows his instincts, and lets us slip out of the Middle East snakepit, and makes the Europeans take responsibility for their own defence.

Limbaugh and D’Souza on the fascism of the Democratic Party



A professor at Iowa State University has prohibited her students from criticizing abortion or the Black Lives Matter movement.

The professor, Chloe Clark, released a syllabus for a 200-level English class telling students they cannot argue against abortion, Black Lives Matter, or other various leftwing causes. The syllabus also included a “GIANT WARNING” that dissenting viewpoints may result in removal from the class.

RNC: Mark and Patricia McCloskey Full Remarks at 2020 Republican Convention

WATCH: Marxist bitch who was shouting through bullhorn in front of their house is now a Democrat representative!! I shit you not!!

Because Doug. We’re human. yes there are some things we can do…such as cures for disease…if you can stand the cure…sometimes the cure is more deadly than the disease. If it were possible to do these things we are on the cusp of, with success, they would have been done.

Caroline: the problem is, living organisms are extremely complex. There is so much we don’t know yet.
But we’re learning.

Whend I was born, we didn’t know which molecule carried genetic information. We had no earth satellites, not even the idea of them. There were no real computers yet, as we know them. We were subject to yearly tolls of death and paralysis from the polio virus. Smallpox still ran rampant in many countries.

Now … we have made HUGE advances in understanding how the genome works. We have begun to be able to deal with ‘genetic diseases’ … just a start, but we’re moving faster and faster. Polio is nearly gone, due to vaccinations. Smallpox is actually gone, wiped off the face of the earth.

Computers and the internet are just beginning to make significant contributions to medical diagnosis and epidemiology. Artificial Intelligence will aid medical people to get a much deeper understanding of diseases around the world. And we’re going to see astonishing advances in neurology.

All of this came from the effects of free societies and free markets, which both allow the intellectual freedom to explore new ideas, but provide the material infrastructure and other resources which modern science needs. Free men and women did all this. (What new drugs, what new advances in medicine, came from the old Soviet Union? )

So we, or our descendants, can look forward to things that, at the moment, would seem to be miracles.
If we can just avoid a big war. That’s the big danger. All these wonderful advances are examples of human rationality … but they can be wiped out by human irrationality.