The "Roaring Twenties"

The death by assassin’s bullet of former Japanese Prime Minister Abe on the heels of Chicago’s murder rampage remind me of the similarly unstable 1920’s. The 2020’s are proving to be every bit as dangerous.
Review the history.

I’d say moreso.

And how, Mr Moderator, are the Feds going to feel about the board’s dicey conversation if a member wants to buy a new gun in New York and has to turn over
Social media records? I feel like Big Brother might be irritated with me, anyway.
Of course the NSA can get that info WITHOUT asking. More subverting by Schumer and AOC I think.

If you are a conservative poster here, you might be denied a gun permit. This site might be too small for the government thought police, but don’t bet on it.

I imagine that’s true of a lot of us.

With the Democratic Party sponsorship of street people//protesters to harass The Supreme Court and payment on the nail to these sleezy types for information, is it possible to get a Go Fund Me Page to have a bounty paid for information on THEM? Somehow I don’t think those Bozos would tolerate that!

I was wondering how you were going to tie Abe’s assassination to the Democrats, Senator. Well done. You never disappoint.

It doesn’t take much to make the scum bags, who are harassing the Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe, look bad. I heard that one of them is paying bounties to those who report the location of the justices when they are in a public place, like having a meal at a restaurant. Then these harpies, who have nothing useful to do in their lives, decent on the place to demonstrate and harass them and make life miserable for everyone around them.

These clowns have the mentality of a toddler who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. The only difference is they have longer attention spans which give them the ability to have permanent temper tantrums.

The clownish month piece the Biden administration calls a press secretary told reporters that the Biden regime is fully supportive of this behavior “as long it’s nonviolent.” So you can shout and picket, block someone’s place of business, make life miserable for everyone inside and force customers to exit from the rear of the establishment, and that’s okay.

This is really dumb on the far left’s part. They think that behavior like this is going to drum up support for them on Election Day 2022. They might be surprised when they get the opposite result.

Patooka, just wondering what it was like Down Under in the 1920’s. Those that came back from the trenches and Anzac Beach and escaped Spanish Flu and global depression must have been a hardy mob.

Yes, @Senator_Foghorn, those fought in the big wars for human freedom, like World War II, came home with a healthy respect for what communism and social are and opposed it. Then they sent their kids to college to “get a better life” where they were radicalized.

The cancer has grown in succeeding in the succeeding generations until the little communist professors now dominate. @Patooka is a product of that system. He knows he hates capitalism, but has no clear idea of how his new system will work to replace it. All he knows is the big government is good and bigger government is better. The more power that is ceded to government, the better.

Why? Because a huge, all powerful, government, guided by the little professor ideology of total control over human behavior, will result in utopia. At least that’s what the communist little professors have drummed into him. Now it’s his religion, and no amount of logic or de-programming will change him.

There’s a mini series about it called Underbelly - Razor. Also, we had to accept quite a few Irish refugees. A by product of how Easter was celebrated in 1916.

You might want to check your dates, Foghorn. Pretty certain global depression didn’t occur before the 20s either.

Please, tell me what else I “know”. I’m also curious about these “communist professors” you go on about that have indoctrinated me.

I stand corrected. I should have clarified myself and my comments
The Roaring Twenties included the 1929 Great Depression, but were not caused by the Depression.

You know it all @Patooka. You want to force everyone to live under a totalitarian government. You won’t allow people to opt out and live somewhere that your brand of politician doesn’t control. You know all about what’s wrong with America and capitalism. Yep, you are the “go to” expert on every subject just like every other far left person who thinks they know enough to control everyone else’s lives.

You don’t even live in the United States, yet you know what’s best for all of its citizens.

I understand Herr Schumer has contracted the dreaded COVID Virus.
As a Congressional colleague,I would be honored to attend his funeral, as would any conservative of like mind.

Thank you. Good to know.

I am glad that you understand what you are and what your positions are. You can play the coy game all you want, but your posts speak volumes about your loyalty to the far left cause and you hatred you harbor for capitalism and traditional American values.

If I am wrong about you intentions, then please articulate where you disagree with radical left on any position.

Seeing as you define radical left as “anyone who disagrees with me”, I really don’t have a defense. In your mind I’m a pro authoritarian, pro totalitarian radical leftist. Nothing I’ll say will change that.

I’ll be honest - I always get a giggle when you accuse me of being pro authoritarian. Despite the fact that you voted for a guy who wants military parades in his honour, gases protesters for photo ops, trusts Putin over the West, allowed masked thugs to kidnap protesters and hide them in unmarked SUVs and proudly proclaimed himself a dictator on his reality TV show. And the best part? You’ve made it very clear that you will either happily vote for him again in 2024 or whatever candidate that emulates him the most. Most likely that will be the guy who wanted it to be legal to run over protesters Charlottesville style.

Yet I’m the authoritarian. Chug down that copium, brother.

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  • Yes Trump likes parades and wants to be the center of attention.

  • Gasses protesters - yes in DC near the White House after they set fire to a church.

  • Trusts Putin over the West - Total BS. It goes with the Russian Hoax. Before you condemn Trump on this one, you might want to cover your butt over what you hero, Biden, and his crooked son on what they have been doing with the Russians, Chinese and Ukrainians.

  • Allowed masked thugs to kidnap protesters - you will have to enlighten me on that one and cite sources other than CNN, MSNBC, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, among others.

  • Proclaimed himself a dictator. - Yes he is a total jack ass when it comes to the subject of the 2020 election results. The official results say that he lost. It was okay for him to complain and seek court relief a few weeks after the election. I could have told him that it was fruitless because the courts will not get involved in election results unless they have no choice, which happened in 2000. Otherwise, they will stay out of it.

  • Happy to vote to for him in 2024? Hardly. If you have read my posts, you would know that I want alternatives to Trump in the primaries, and wish that he would not run. I would even like the see the January 6 Commission keep him from running.

The only way I will vote for Trump is if he is running in the 2024 presidential election because your party will only nominate communists or senile old men. I can’t vote for either of those.

You still have not explained why you are not in favor of a totalitarian government,. Perhaps you aren’t in favor of one, but the politicians you support are definitely in the dictator camp. Biden and Hillary Clinton are both in it for the money and power. They don’t care about working people or the poor.

You can’t say much about good about Obama also. In case you missed it, he’s built two mansions, one on Martha’s Vineyard and other in Hawaii. Imagine how large his carbon footprint is! But you guys are only interested in controlling “the little people.” The fat cats can live like kings, just the way it is in communist countries.

There were five bomb threats to Tidewater VA çolleges and universities today. One Christian,one predominantly Black and three community colleges… I understand that the threats were phoned in at 15 minutes intervals

If you don’t know the difference between a parade and a military parade, I can’t help you.

Not what happened.

And that was intelligence received from the five eyes agreement. You’re dead wrong.

If these people needed to be arrested, and some of them did, do it properly and not in a pseudo fascist manner like Trump did.

It’s becoming quite clear he did more than that.

You have a lot of chutzpah saying that. If you ever read my posts, you would know I’m no friend of China’s government, totalitarianism or fascism. Yet day in and day out that is all you can spew.

I never mentioned the primaries, and you glossed over whether you would vote for him if he were to run in 2024. Don’t worry, even if you won’t say it, we all know the answer to that. And you completely missed my main point - you would gladly vote for someone who isn’t Trump, but is exactly like Trump. Like De Santis, who I pointed out thinks it’s fine to run protesters over.

I’m not going to. Nearly everything I’ve said you have misconstrued.

You know, it’s convenient that I’m just a dirty foreigner who shouldn’t comment on America when it suits you and then in other circumstances I’m a George Soros paid shill who unconditionally supports Obama and Clinton.

This just reads as an incoherent cry for help. If I were an Authoritarian, I’d have “them” come into your house, put you in a strait jacket and force you the mental health care you clearly need.

Seeing as I’m not an authoritarian, I’m just gonna laugh instead. Thanks for the giggle Sendgop.