The search function seems to be broken.

Was looking for Ret’s “New GOP, Same as the Old GOP” thread, and the search feature won’t even pull up any results for anything. Search by title, keyword, or author all return “no matches”

I’ve always had problems with some facets of the search option. In fact, I don’t think it ever works except for a single word.

Thanks for the info, Sus. Never tried to use it before :wink:

Want to have some fun? Search the word “gay”

No.(Message too short so…) Hell no.

They may stop being searchable once they get locked?

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What might be easier in the future when searching for a specific item (as opposed to a key word or user) is to go to Google and type whatever it is you want to search for and follow it up with; “”

New GOP Same old GOP in google gets it as first result. Also easier to sort by the specific month/year/week you think it was posted.

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I also have always had more luck searching RO using Google than our own sites search engine, I don’t know if that is because RO gets a lot of web traffic or because our search engine sucks…

Our search engine sucks.


Now you are just being racist.:whistle:

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I haven’t tried to test that (not that results would be conclusive), but I don’t think that’s the case.

Already found and read it by other means