The Secret Knowledge

David Mamet was once the Liberal icon of the Broadway and Hollywood set. Writer of Gelngarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo. He was the screen writer for The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Untouchables, Wag the Dog and The Verdict. At one point he was a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post and wrote for the Village Voice. Now however he has “seen the light” so to speak. No sacred cow of the left remains unbutchered. No bridge back left unburnt. His new book “The Secret Knowledge on the Dismantling of the American Culture” is his stake through the heart of the monster he once helped to grow. The quote on the bottom of the front cover is priceless in my mind. “The struggle of the Left to rationalize it’s positions is an intolerable, Sisyphean burden. I speak as a reformed Liberal”

Chapters such as “The American Reality”, “The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Socialism and Anti-Semitism”, “Cabinet Spiritualism and the Car Czar”, “My Father, Al Sharpton and the Designated Criminal”, “Feminism”, “Adventure Slumming” and “Hope and Change” pretty much covers the whole gamit of the political left. Even the members of his own faith are targets of his laser sight. The reasons for American Jews to fall for the Left’s lies are laid out for all to see.

I started to mark the pages where I came across a good quote or explaination but gave up when I figured that I had over 20 little pieces of paper sticking out of the top of the book after only 100 pages. Next trip through it I will just have a highlighter handy. My only problem with the book was his writing style. The man loves the comma, colon and semi colon. I’m not used to reading a playwrite though so it may just be me.

I highly recommend this book to all!