The Sin of Discontent


Do you ever blame your circumstances for your bad attitude, foul mood, or sinful response? How you suffer the frustrations and trials of life says a lot about the true nature of your heart. In a short sermon clip today on the GTY blog, John MacArthur explains why our situation is never an excuse for surrendering to the sin of discontent.

The Sin of Discontent


A problem I’m aware of in my own life, and dealing with it is one of many works in progress…


I have the (dis)pleasure of being able to look at my circumstance and know why I am discontent and usually it is because of my own choices. I always say I wish I could blame other things for my problems but I know that is not true and would be doing myself a disservice. I was always told that I cannot blame others for my troubles as for you to be in trouble you had to have done something or put yourself in a situation as no one can force you to do anything.

I am always reminded of this little diagram when I get upset of discontent: