The Sino American War


A study was done a few years ago by a “think-tank” on near-future possibilities and likelihoods. Of the several points made, one of them was a prediction that the US and Red China would fight within the next 25 years .I bring up,for discussion amongst the intelligentsia here AND AS A BREAK FROM THE 2016 POLITICAL WAR ,the following questions:

  1. Will America and Red China fight?
  2. Will allies like Great Britain and North Korea join in, with other of the two sides allies?
  3. What is the most likely CAUSE of a confrontation?
  4. Who is best prepared?
  5. Are nuclear devices likely to be used?

Not to be morbid , but it is an interesting martial exercise. I withhold my opinions until later.

BONUS QUESTION: What if one of the current candidates is then in office and is a “wartime President”?


Senator Filibuster Foghorn


As long as we don’t elect Hilary Clinton or Marco Rubio as president, we’ll be fine. No one else is crazy enough to start a war with China/Russia.

And any war with either of those countries would quickly escalate to a full scale nuclear war.


No we won’t fight China because China can’t afford to lose it’s best customer and no, “Nukes” would not be used because there would be no Russia left if they used a nuke against us and they know it; and China will not nuke their biggest customer.

Trade is the best insurance against war, nations who trade with one another have too much to lose if they get in a shooting war.


Thank you for your informative responses.
Of course, these thoughts are in light of present circumstances…
If there was an economic collapse, or a North Korean STUPID ACTION that China would be forced to back up to “save face”, or a rebounding Russia became convinced they had to do SOMETHING or maybe even if ISIS and the MUSLIM HORDES pull off an OIL SUPPLY BLOCK by terrorist activity or convincing IRAN that the shut down of the GULF STRAITS was in the best interests of the Islamic Revolution, it basically throws all the arguments out the window. ANYTHING GOES, including a grab for the oil.
Of course, the theory is that none of these evil-types have ability to cause mayhem…
The oil reserves are in the “back yard” of the bad guys…no need to go to Belgium or France or the UK or New York…and China is right there to RESCUE the oil for mankind.HAHAHA!



But the United States was the largest producer of oil just two years ago before the price drop motivated a slow down, we simply do not need their oil so there would be no reason for China or Russia to Nuke us due to hostilities in the Middle East.

And China will rattle sabers for the likes of North Korea but they will never subject their own nation to a Nuclear Holocaust for such a pimple on the worlds butt, and Russia quite simply could not pull it off even if they were that stupid.

If the Middle East began holding China and Russia hostage with oil then both of those nations would respond with strength but they would not see including United States targets as advantageous for themselves.


Thank you for your kind response.
My thoughts go back to history, though, when considering possible or probable enemies of the US…
The Punic Wars in all their savagery, waged between Rome and Carthage over TRADE.
The Anglo-Dutch War, waged over TRADE.
The War of 1812 waged over, amongst other issues, TRADE.
Then we have NATIONAL PRIDE,like:
The Great War, waged over the pride of Austria and their fight with Serbia which ESCALATED…
The Korean “Conflict” , where aggression bred response then confrontation by super powers…darn close to WWIII
Then we go into the REAL SAVAGERY: Religious War!!!
Too many to mention.
What little spark could set of the next big shooting war?

The point is that the world is a volatile place, and the right leadership is super important.:machinegun



Exactly, Protectionism inspires wars and free trade inspires mutual dependence and the preference for settling differences via diplomacy.

That is why I do not want to see Protectionist candidates like Trump being sworn in as President.