The Smollett Family Business: Acting and Activism


Late Breaking News … like Never! lol

You think that this may be a reason that ‘Jussie’ has a problem with “White America?”

You think that at least One “Journalist” would have looked into the family’s background?

Yeah, I know, it didn’t fit the narrative!




There was a “hate crime” committed here - and it wasn’t committed by Trump supporters, or Trump voters, or the two Nigerians in on the charade.

No, the hate crime was committed by Jussie Smollett. He hates Trump and he knew in this political climate where any claim of “victimhood” assures the vast majority of pundits will hop on board the narrative that Trump and his voters/supporters are bigoted, homophobic, racist knuckle draggers who are out to victimize “identity politics” minorities - of which Smollett hits the mark on at least two counts - he’s gay and black.

So, it appears that Jussie Smollett was the writer, producer and director of this little vignette clearly designed to play into the prevailing narrative of the Left with promotion of the production predictably handled by what passes for news outlets and their “analysts” - analysts that never pass up an opportunity to claim Trump is a racist and who, along with his administration/policies, promotes widespread racism, homophobia, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

So, why would Smollett do what it appears he did? How about to insure the media would further intensify the negative narrative it constantly spreads about Trump 24/7 and to marginalize his supporters while snagging a terrific amount of “street cred” for himself. You see, had Jussie gotten away with his BS he would have been anointed a “Hollywood hero”; a man to be embraced as down for the cause - he would be in demand for interviews from now on; talk shows would race to book him.

Fortunately, this little a-hole, a twerp who didn’t care about the damage and further divisiveness he was creating, is being booked all right - his scrawny ass is being booked into the Cook County Jail on a felony!! And the Dem politicians who once again rushed to microphones to declare racism in America is a result of the tone set by Trump and who rushed to embrace Smollett and declare America to be full of bigots before any evidence was gathered, politicians such as Corey “Spartacus Moment” Booker and Kamala Harris, are now moonwalking their butts off - Jussie Smollett, who??

What a bunch of dishonest reprobates.


Every wonder WHY there are so many such hoaxes accusing conservatives of “hate” crimes? It’s because they are EXCEEDINGLY rare in reality if not non-existent altogether. If conservatives refuse to cooperate with the left’s narrative of being hate-filled bigots, then the left has decided to fake it and hope nobody looks too closely at their claims. Smolett’s background is founded in communism…particularly the variety espoused by Huey Newton and Angela Davis. What he did, in my opinion, SHOULD be classified as a form of treason and punished accordingly.


And yet the New York Times printed this article?! :scream:


Look at the date on the article!


It was written 2 years ago. Do you think they’ve reformed from being communists in those two years? No wonder Jussie whatsits hates President Trump so virulently. He’s a threat to everything this moron wants to do to us.