The socialist news media is reviving the Ferguson, Missouri shooting again for no good reason


It’s hard to believe but the clowns in the lame stream press are out to tear open the wounds from the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Michel Brown again. This shooting resulted in nights of rioting and the destruction of much of the business district Ferguson for no good reason.

For those who don’t know or have forgotten about this case, here is recap.

Teenager, Michel Brown, began the last night of his life by robbing a convenience store and roughing up the owner. All of this was recorded on the store’s surveillance camera.

At around midnight, Brown was spotted walking in the middle of dark street. The police officer pulled up behind him and asked him to get out of the middle of street since there was good chance that he might get hit by a car. Instead of obeying that reasonable order, Brown attacked the officer. He struck the officer and tried to take his gun.

Brown started to walk away, but when the officer got out of his patrol car, Brown turned around and charged at the officer.

The race hustlers told us that the office killed teenager Michael Brown in cold blood, but here’s the truth.

Brown weighed over 300 pounds, and he was sold muscle. He was charging the officer, a much smaller man, after he had already assaulted him and tried to take his weapon. Believing that his life was in danger, the officer shot Brown three times.

The race hustlers told us that Brown was shot in the back. The autopsy showed that all three shots hit Brown in the front of his body. It was ruled a justifiable homicide.

Case closed, but not for the lame stream press and the race hustlers, like Al Sharpton. They want to bring this case up again for reasons that only be explained by a desire to stir the pot and invoke more racial tension. Of course, it might result in another big payday for the “Reverend Al.”

If this results in another riot and civil unrest, lame stream media will to be blame. These clowns are never happy unless they have another minority victim to publicize.

Such is the state of the modern American news media.


If you haven’t seen the video of Michael Brown in the conveniencet store, here it is.

This guy is so dumb or high that he robs a store which always has surveillance cameras. We see him stealing. We see the casually contemptuous way he treats this guy who owns the store. Brown is the worst possible hero for any group. When he grabbed the owner, that’s assault, So now he’s a double felon.
He seems intent on self-destruction. So a half-hour later he’s trying to take a gun away from a cop.


Yes, if they want to have a martyr, why don’t they talk about the big fat guy who was choked to death by the cop on Long Island a few years ago? Maybe that case will end up too close to the incompetent Mayor of New York who is running for president. Or there as the case in North Carolina, I think, where a cop shot a guy point blank in the back on camera. I think that cop got sent up the river, which he deserved.

I am not for shielding cops when they have done wrong, but bringing up the Michael Brown case again is just plain stupid.

But no, we have to have a teenaged “victim.” That starts the sob stories … the parents on camera talking about how their son was “a victim.”

Actually, he was a stupid punk who committed one dumb act after another who ended up helping to get his neighborhood burned down. Now there’s a guy around whom you should build a movement, if you are part of the brain dead left who wants to create THE BIG LIE to push your agenda.


There’s a reason. It’s piling the racism/white supremacy charge on this president.

Funny thing though…his support continues to grow.