The story of John and Garett


The story of John and Garett
By Greyhawk
Mudville Gazette

Question from Reason TV: What Happened to the Antiwar Movement?

“They used to be useful idiots,” says Glenn Reynolds. “Then they stopped being useful.” That’s a good short answer. If you’d like an illustration of the point, read on.

First (although antiwar groups never bothered) you can separate those “antiwar vets” into two groups - complete and total frauds (more here) and authentic veterans. (Some might argue there are degrees of fraud - but that’s beyond the scope of this discussion.) Here we’re going to examine the careers of two authentic vets - veterans of both the military and the antiwar movement. Their antiwar careers had two decidedly different endings that will serve to answer the question whatever happened to…? for most of the crowd.

Well, you have to have a bit of teeth-gritting patience with this article. It necessarily dives into the sludge of the “anti-war” sewer, but the paths of the two it follows are worth learning about. I won’t post any spoilers, but this shows the reality of the “anti-war” movement that lies behind their benign mask.


In the end it seems that the bulk of the antiwar movement turned out to be partisan politics rather than any actual outrage about the wars. I have seen these same people who will rise up and protest republicans on wars then justify sending our forces into other nations that they deem deserving of our aid.

Hypocrisy raises its head.


Before the 1964 election, part of LBJ’s winning technique was to accuse Barry Goldwater of “warmongering” because he said, “We must win in Viet Nam.” Then when he was elected, he dived into Vietnam with both feet - but didn’t even try to win.


[quote=“Susanna, post:3, topic:28945”]
he dived into Vietnam with both feet - but didn’t even try to win.