The Surprise!

My dear friends, My son who is 34, announced his engagement a few months ago, and They are planning to be married near where they both live and this evening I got a surprise call from him. Asking if I would officiate their ceremony. He is my youngest and only one not married, [ and I was sure wondering about that ] I am an Ordained Ruling Elder in my denomination and as a result I do have the Church Authority to preform weddings and other ceremonies. As well as serve in Church functions as temporary Pastor [ which I have done on occasion]. I was asked earlier this year [January] to marry a much older couple [widow and widower] But because of circumstances I turned it down but did take on the task of counselor .
I have accepted my son’s request, and am THRILLED beyond belief.
Out of curiosity what would be your feelings on this?


I’m glad for you njc, I’m always glad when God’s people experience blessings in their
lives that are especially meaningful to them and a great blessing to them. I hope
the ceremony goes perfect for you and for all concerned and that all will look back
and say, “It was a wonderful and very special event” and we were ever so blessed
to be a part of it.

God Bless.

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I think that this is AWESOME!! What a testament to your role as a father and a Christian! You have much for which to be proud!


This reminds me of a Duck Dynasty episode. A lot of it is acting of course, and they admit it, but in this episode Phil and Kay actually renewed their wedding vows. Their oldest sun Alan did the officiating. He is a pastor.

If I happen to make it, my wife and I are planning on renewing OUR vows on August 12, 2016, which will be OUR 50th Anniversary.

Good for you, NJC. I hope it’s a wonderful, memorable ceremony.


Your youngest and his bride honor you greatly! “Honor thy father and thy mother!”

I know of several pastors and clergy who have been honored in this way, receive the blessing ncj for what it all symbolizes.

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Well after close investigation of state laws and Church laws covering Ordained Ruling Elders, Apparently I cannot perform the ceremony by state law, the Church Law is unclear Nothing is specifically stated. I can baptize people, I can Perform Communion, I can perform a funeral, But it does not say I can or I cannot perform a wedding. This did come up last year with this other couple I spoke about and we did not have , at that time, a clear understanding. Fortunately I did not marry the couple, but that marriage was a bit iffy anyway.--------Now to tell my son and his fiancée. The state law does cover and church law does not.

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We are in Greensboro, the Wedding will take place tomorrow,(Sunday) afternoon, he found a minister to marry them, I will be opening with a Prayer.
Friends, this has been a tough week. I went into the Hospital on Tuesday with an Atrial fibrillation problem, got out on Thursday and came up here yesterday. Still have the problem but seem to be managing it.
Met the family of the bride, lovely people, and this should be a wonderful time —if the weather holds.
Just to bring folks up to date.
I will be spending time with my Cardio-electrician next week regarding my atrial fibrillation issue because I need to be on the road to Florida the week following.

Prayers to you NJC for the heart stuff and the wedding!


I tried but forgot so this is the best I can do for now. This is my son and new beautiful Daughter-in-Law Kristen!!

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You have a BEAUTIFUL family, NJC! You should be very, very proud! You and your wife are a handsome couple, too!

Oh, I am very proud! We have a big family and are really close.

They may have changed the procedure since you last did it. I have to keep relearning it myself. You have to click on the image link and do a c&p. I think the image link is the last one.