The Tale Of Two Town Halls - Plus A Question

Biden’s town hall was “moderated” (presented and managed is more accurate) by noted Democrat George Stepanoplolis who, when he wasn’t “wet kissing Biden”, failed to pose even a single question to Joe about the allegation/emails surrounding the Ukraine prosecutor firing and the question of possible family grifting - for those who don’t know what grifting is, look it up. The questioning during Biden’s town hall was a bit different than the prosecutorial-like questioning of Trump.

As an aside, won’t even one “news reporter/journalist” ask Joe Biden to explain what the United State’s compelling interest was behind his threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to the Ukraine government unless the prosecutor investigating possible corruption/Barisma was fired?

As for Trump’s “town hall” - a completely different story unfolded. Instead of debating Biden last night, Trump found himself in a debate with an overtly hostile, hard Left “moderator” - Samantha Guthrie - who just happens to be married to Michael Feldman. For those who don’t know, Feldman was an Al Gore operative/advisor who served as Gore’s traveling Chief Of Staff.

America. What a country!!


George Stepanololis was Bill Clinton’s press secretary. He went directly from the Clinton administration to ABC News as their chief political analyst. There were more than a few comments about how little objectivity there was found in that appointment.


So Trump denounced white supremacy finally?

He has denounced White Supremacy all along, but you obviously didn’t want to listen.

It’s interesting that Never-Trump Republicans are running ads here on Florida which tout Biden’s crime bill which put large numbers of Blacks in prison. According to a great many civil rights advocates, that was not Biden’s finest hour, but his Republican supporters are using it to counter his “rethink the police” rhetoric he used to placate his far left supporters.


Absolutely true, Send. President Trump denounced white supremacists only SECONDS after that “good people on both sides” comment that the lefties point out as being “insensitive” to black interests.


One analyst said Savannah Guthrie interrupted the president 61 times. And she asked the president to denounce white supremacy again, making a big deal where there is no justification for even asking the question. Doesn’t that leave listeners with the impression that where there’s smoke there’s fire, so he MUST be guilty of SOMETHING? The media passionately hates him. Imagine if he had ever had an associate that had been KKK, would there be any escaping it?

By comparison, George Stephanopoulos didn’t interrupt Biden even once, zero. He was totally respectful. And not only did he not ask Biden to denounce white supremacy, he never asked him about his former alliance with KKK leader Senator Byrd. And there were no questions about two hot topics in today’s news either: the Biden family corruption in Ukraine, China and other countries or social media’s protection of the Bidens by censoring stories about them.

Some say President Trump is the best president we’ve ever had. I don’t know enough about former presidents to know, but I fear that the media’s passionate hatred of him could deceive enough people, combined with fraudulent “harvested” ballots, that Biden could possibly be elected to the great detriment of America.


I’m not saying his dad was a member or supporter of the KKK, but his dad was arrested at a prominent KKK rally in the 1920’s. I can’t prove he was a member, but based on him being a wealthy, white guy in the 1920’s, I would bet a lot of money on it.

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I did a little googling. Apparently a Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK parade in 1927 for “failing to disperse”, but charges were dismissed. No one accused him of being a member. There’s so little information that there’s any number of things that could have happened. I wonder if he knew one of the other guys arrested with him, that didn’t disperse because a police car had run over his foot.

But there’s absolutely no question that Senator Byrd had been an officer in the KKK. If we’re denouncing white supremacy, that should be worth at least a mention in connection with old Joe.


I know during coronavirus we shouldn’t touch our faces but this is cringe worthy facepalm.

As long as we are digging up dirt about people’s ancestors, there is a story that Kamala Harris’ great, great , great, great grandfather owned slaves in Jamaica. Of course, it has no effect on her, but it does speak to this guilt by association with your forefathers accusations that the hard left levels at Whites.


It’s a good thing that everybody can point to an incident where President Trump has said “I denounce White Supremacy” isn’t it? I mean we can all point to that link right?

Are you REALLY this stupid, Patooka? Everyone here…including the lefties…have heard President Trump denounce white supremacists, nazis, the KKK, etc. OVER AND OVER again, at least for the last 4 years. The leftist press chooses to simply IGNORE it and suppress those statements and pretend they never happened.


Want some evidence lazy one?

Here it is from a forum I posted in, started a thread, where after one week, not one leftist/commie member replies in it.

He’s Been Doing It for Decades!

I found this in less than 2 minutes.

He has said the words, most recently at the town hall last week, but saying the words is about all he’s done.

Why won’t he take major action to address our biggest source of homegrown terrorists?

He already has, it is in the link right above your post.

You are as lazy as Patooka?

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Our biggest source of homegrown terrorists is Antifa/BLM and he’s condemned them in no uncertain terms. I know you’d LIKE to believe that it’s the KKK or other white supremacist groups, but they are so minuscule as to be virtually invisible.

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Do you mean Marxist BLM or fascist antifa?

There’s a little hiccup in the law. Apparently the president can’t use federal resources to quell violence unless requested by the state, unless he declares it to be “insurrection”.

Declaring insurrection is a big deal, so he doesn’t want to do it unless things get really really bad. He also maintains pressure on Democrat-governed states and cities to do the right thing by not declaring.

Also, most of the laws against violence, arson, vandalism and looting are local ordinances, not federal laws. So if federal agents make arrests, what do they book them on? In what jail to they detain them?

Mayors and governors have a responsibility to maintain order. And it’s only Democrat mayors and governors that are falling on their faces. But you blame the president.

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Not according to the FBI, Christopher Wray testifying September 17th, 2020:

"Everything from racially-motivated violent extremists to violent anarchist extremists, militia types, sovereign citizens, you name it. Of the domestic terrorism threats, we last year elevated racially-motivated violent extremism to be a national threat priority commensurate with a homegrown violent extremists.

What I can tell you is that, within the domestic terrorism bucket category as a whole, racially-motivated violent extremism is, I think, the biggest bucket within that larger group, and within the racially-motivated violent extremists bucket, people subscribing to some kind of white supremacist-type ideology is certainly the biggest chunk of that."

That’s Black Lives Matter.

That’s fascist antifa.

Those are extremely rare fringes.

That’s the politically correct thing to say. But if it were true, don’t you think we’d see it once in a while in the news? The media would love to report it and keep talking about it over and over and over.


And Wray is a moron if he REALLY believes that nonsense. It’s not “white supremacist-types” that are burning car dealerships and other businesses, dragging people out of their cars and beating them senseless–or to death. Oddly, BLM is probably majority white insofar as activist membership is concerned, but it’s supposedly a “black rights” organization so does NOT fall into the category that that idiot Wray claims is a problem.

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