The Taliban has just committed it's greatest crime, which rates a military response

They just painted over a portrait of George Floyd. Now that is truly something to upset the the “progressives.”

In other news, they are looking for a time capsule that was supposed to be in the pedestal of a recently removed statue of Robert E. Lee. Governor Ralph Northam already has items to go into a new time capsule. They include a vile of expired Covet 19 vaccine, a Black Lives Matter sticker and a picture of a Black ballerina with her fist raised in front of the recently removed statue. The intent is to have a record of the times in which in we are living.

To keep things honest, I think that Governor Ralph Northam should also include a tube of black face make-up, a KKK costume and picture of recently murdered viable fetus. If he really wants to reflect “the times we live in,” he should include some items that are indicative of his time “in public service.”


Our Secretary of State is concerned that the Taliban “government” is lacking in LGBTQ+ diversity, (that’s the gender confused for all you non woke people). No, I didn’t read it in the Babylon Bee.

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The LGBTQ+ people will be lucky if they don’t get pushed off roof tops or get gunned down in the street in “the new Afghanistan.”

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Are you sure? :open_mouth:

LGbtQ. lesbian, gay, bi sexual, trans queer…is that right.

The bi sexual part indicates that there are only 2 sexes…that makes the other letters psychos.

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I’d never thought about that before.


Haha…Don’t tell them, their heads will explode!

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Islam and liberalism make for strange bedfellows. The libs don’t comprehend that Muslims don’t like them. It hurts muh brain.


There is, in some quarters, a distinction between liberals and “progressives.” Liberals believe in freedom with large government programs that address their perceived social inequalities. “Progressives” believe in rigid government control, infringement upon the liberties that fall outside of the practices of the groups who make up their coalition and ultimately dictatorship from the top down by an all powerful Federal Government.

The “Progressives” admire the power that the extreme Muslims enjoy. They like the fact that conservatives condemn the actions and policies of the extreme Muslims because it allows “Progressives” to label all Muslims as “victims” who can be added to their coalition.

What “Progressives” don’t understand is that the radical Muslims will turn on them once they have conquered other aspects of western culture. “Progressive” support for homosexuality is even more disgusting to radical Muslims than it is the conservative Christians who are taught to love thy neighbor, not execute them for “sinful practices.”

“Progressives” admire the control that radical Muslims exercise over people. Beyond that, the micro aspects of an acceptable lifestyle diverge.

Here is a leftist liberal who is not a progressive or fascist:

Excellent summary of our descent into fascism:

The author, Addison Reeves who is a lawyer and radical leftist civil liberties advocate also has a blogsite at: Her latest entry, “A Political Compass for a New Millennium”,
lays out the dog and pony show of the Uniparty (formerly known as Democrats and Republicans).

There are leftists and liberals who are not fascists. We may disagree with them on many things but in our current struggle they are on our side.

Can you just sum it up?

I can. The article collates everything Trump said about covid publicly and privately (it will go away in the spring, it’s a hoax etc), adds what Fauci said publicly and when he changed his opinion when new information came to light and implies these staements were said by the all menacing “they”. And then in a stunning display of bad faith argument, attempts to portray the Biden administration and Trump administration as one big monolithic entity that can’t be trusted so better to put your faith on fringe opinions instead.

It should also be noted the the off-guardian isn’t a leftist site and is one of those conspiracy nutjob sites that believe in crap like QAnon, Birtherism and 9/11 being an inside job. There are accusations that the off-guardian is actually a website of Russian trolls. Ever heard the phrase, “A dumb person’s idea of a smart person”? is a conservative’s idea of a liberal website.

TL/DR; akaOldDog got successfully trolled.

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What color or shade of paint did they use? :innocent:


I get this and can’t get that other Democrats/Progressives/Liberals don’t get this there is no such thing as a good Muslim Government or Insurgency. It’s best if we decoupled from their economy. I find even China preferable to these (arabic) types of Countries.

I guess I’m a die hard liberal. I don’t care how a person lives their life just don’t make me live it. You are your friends, and I don’t make friends with people that don’t know Jesus Christ or don’t like hard rock. It’s this easy Know Jesus Yes good Like Metallica or tolerate it ok we’re friends that my bare minimum. In fact my best friend is a Conservative Christian Metalhead. I just happen to be left leaning. It’s like the Ramones one of them was really liberal the other was very conservative.

This the point about “Progressives.” They are determined to make you live and say what they demand. Look at the way they want to change the language for these people who think there are 50 or whatever genders. “Progressives” are dictators.

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I’m what pew research would define “Faith and Family Left”
I see Elizabeth Warren being a Sunday school teacher and Republican until 1996, and I see someone “trustworthy”. None of us are perfect. As a Christian, Disabled, and a Gun Owner I don’t want my rights marganized I guess that’s why I am going to bat for the rights of others I don’t morally agree with. If you weaken the second you weaken the 4th.

If we are not adults who have reached the age of the majority are we glorified children of the state? I’m fascinated with the Soviet Union, how could people live like that? One thing me and Reagan would of agreed on is getting rid of it sooner rather than later. I once heard a college professor sympathize with Communism it was one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in my life. I quickly changed professors it was early on in a class that had multiple professors (2010). When it comes to family like direct family I’d be more controlling if my son was using drugs or being effeminate I’d quickly correct that. Even if my son was 18-20ish and got on hard drugs I’d likely get him civilly committed to treatment. I have a cousin that uses hard drugs and I just shake my head. I meet him in the park once a month try to get him deodorant, socks, shaving supplies, and give him a talk about how our friends and faith define us. I’m not in the business of telling people how to live. I feel like that talk I give him is a paid speech in the form of supplies he needs to live at the shelter the way he does.

Would I tell my neighbor what fruit trees he shouldn’t grow oh heck no. I know my mulberry trees attract birds. I know he doesn’t like it but that’s my right. He has a right to have a loud motorcycle. Look I love my neighbors we talk twice a month about the weather and things in town. The point is I don’t know if he’s vaxxed, I don’t care. I doubt the man is a homosexual, but again I don’t care. It becomes my problem when he can’t contain his problems on his property and they spill over to mine so far he’s been a great neighbor both have and we have never had issues.Now I have just under 10000 sq feet of property its a small suburban lot. I couldn’t imagine living in an apartment again or a mobile home park.

Back to the Taliban we have no business there in the Arab world let China go broke taking care of their back yard. Russia isn’t going to make the same mistake again. No military response they ever attack us again we should drop a MOAB on the host country and say hey this is what happens when you hosts jerks.

When are you going to use paragraphs, @Unitedwestand?

You hurt your own cause with the way you write.

I don’t know crap about Traced the post back to the authors website It is obvious that Addison Reeves is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

Sorry about your reading disability, it is a looong 2 minute read. Here’s the Readers Digest version:

Covid mandates are a prelude to full fascist takeover … death by 1000 cuts.

I’m going to take that as you read over 100 words by a democrat, and couldn’t disagree. So you’re going to critique the grammar in spite. :slight_smile:


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