The Theology of Serpents


By Ken Griffith
The Bible has a theology of serpents that is connected to the question of why the dinosaurs have for the most part disappeared.
Consider a few salient points:

  1. God cursed the serpent to go on its belly and lick the dust – which presupposes that prior to the Fall, it did not go on its belly. Therefore it was either a walker, flyer or swimmer.
  2. Of the reptile kind, all of the walkers and flyers have seemingly disappeared from the earth – possibly extinct, possibly hidden, but definitely not as common as they apparently once were. Definitely not walking around in the open where men can interact with them. Why are those particular animals gone? That is the question that even evolutionists are always trying to answer.
  3. In the ancient world the word “serpent” meant animals that we would now consider “dinosaurs”. For example, in the Sumerian Legend of Atana, the eagle steals the serpent’s young, and the serpent in its agony over the loss of its young, “tore the ground with its claws”. Likewise medieval descriptions of encounters with small dinosaurs walking on legs or with wings are usually described by the person as having encountered “a serpent”.
  4. In the ancient world the serpents/dragons appeared to be common and worshiped – until Christ came and Christianity went forth into the world. Theologically, that is the point in History where God intervened – Christ started winning, and the Dragon started losing. Interesting then, that dragons/giant serpents start to be increasingly scarce from that point forward in the historical record.
  5. Returning to God’s curse on the serpent – God cursed Adam to die – but the curse was not fulfilled for almost 1000 years. God promised the woman deliverance through her “seed”, but that took 4,000 years. We tend to assume that God’s curse on the serpent was immediately fulfilled, but perhaps that is also a curse that was destined to take millennia to achieve, and furthermore that it would be achieved through the agency of the “seed of the woman” waging war on the flying and walking serpents until they are extinct.

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enjoyable short read.


Why would God wast his time with soulless animals?


God knows.


You could have just said I don’t know.


Of the reptile kind, all of the walkers and flyers **have seemingly disappeared from the earth **– possibly extinct, possibly hidden, but definitely not as common as they apparently once were.

:confused: Lizards?


let me refer you back to #3.


Caroline while it is your right please don’t start a thread in a discussion forum and then just say “God Knows”. It is counter productive to the discussion.


:confused: God knows there are lizards?


you’re so smart and you can’t grasp the concept in the article? It’s not talking about lizards crawling on their bellies today. It is dealing primarily with the flying, walking up on all fours and two and swimming DINOsauri.


I grasp the concept of the article. But lizards are serpents who walk.


It’s not clear if you’re talking dinnasours or dragons, but it is farily certain that Christ came along ages after the ice age.
In either case, lizards, alligators, and crocodiles are in abundance, and we certainly have snakes running all over the place. And dragons actually really do exist.
Might I ask what your point is?




RAWR!!! :rofl:


There was a show on the Discovery Channel some time back that did an amazing commentary on these dragons. They, IIRC, inhabit an island in the Pacific, near Japan. No, they don’t breath fire, nor are even winged, so how they are classified as dragons, I don’t know. But I’m not the one classifying them, so it’s not my call. They are around 5-6ft. tall, and what they do is bite their prey, poisoning them, and wait - sometimes days - for it to die so they can consume it.
It was rather fascinating.


Ever hear of komodo dragons? I don’t think they are big like what 2cent was describing, but that is the actual name of a type of lizard.


I think that is what 2cent is describing.


Interesting; I’ll have to do some research about that.


That must be what 2cent was talking about; yes I have heard of them, although that name was probably just given out of hyperbole or ancient superstition, not reality, just like gila monsters aren’t really monsters.


Komodo dragons? I just saw one of those, in a zoo-type setting. They’re flipping GINORMOUS. O_O They’re like iguanas on steroids.

EDIT: You guys beat me to it. :sad:

Though Komodo dragons aren’t very tall. They’re just long. I’d say about ten feet. O_O


I am usually not one to poke hles at other’s religious beliefs but.

It was a walker, some larger species still have vestigial legs.

Yes they are extinct or have evolved into other forms (such as birds).

No, Atana is a Minoan goddess worshiped in Crete she is the serpent goddess and is usually depicted with one in each hand. Medieval people also claimed there was race of people whose faces were inside their chest and there were animals like a cockatrice who could turn you to stone with a glance. We know neither of these things exist because there is no evidence outside of wild third hand stories. Do you actually believe there are giant flying half lion half eagles or mermaids that frequently appear in heraldry?

There is no evidence that serpents or lizards went into decline with the rise of civilization. In fact snakes are often the last vestiges of wild fauna in cities.

Well if you believe that you will have to explain what giant aquatic Mosasaurs, whales, fish, mastodons, mammoths, bison and people are doing in Kansas at the same time.

They even had a giant one that lived in Australia until the end of the last ice age called Megalania that was 30ish feet long.