The Tragedy of Humayun Khan


Read this and think of his parents in their talk at the DNC, I am sure they were set up, they were told to go after Trump and my guess is he was rehearsed, DNC will go to ANY length…by my standards they dishonored their own son with their action.

The Tragedy of Humayun Khan
The commander who served with the late son of the most famous Gold Star parents in America broke down at his memorial service in Iraq. Those who served with Captain Khan understand why.

By MICHAEL HIRSH August 04, 2016

The Tragedy of Humayun Khan - POLITICO Magazine The Tragedy of Humayun Khan - POLITICO Magazine


Now see…that is why I doubt this whole crap sandwich story. VERY LITTLE is said about Khan…but the guy that retired? He a democrat. I see they got right into the bashfest on the Bush Administration and Rumsfeld. There is more to this story…oooh yes and it WILL come out in time.

if this isn’t pure bullship i’ll drop my pants on court square and give you 30 minutes to draw a crowd.


The heart of the article, its main point, was Bash-Bush. Whose MO is to slash the military, first, last and always? Who howled at every resource sent to Iraq? Who tried to physically block resources - people and materiel - from being shipped out of American ports?

The real point of such an article should have been to honor Humayun Khan. But like the Ds, like Humayun’s parents, like LaSheehan, the Ds (again), and the MSM, Humayun is being exploited for tawdry political gain - the gain of some one who voted FOR the Iraq War, IIRC.


Trump: Make America Great Again
Clinton: Make America Muslim


Easy to see who served on Active Duty in the military here and who did not. Rumsfeld was not a good SecDef either time. He believed in Programs and NOT people, in his view a new plane was the answer and the hell with the soldier. He made the Def Indus RICH! And to top it off he was an AZZHOLE! Yes Bush supported him. GW was a weak POTUS and the damage he did was significant, one of our most liberal RINO’s…If you do not believe that, then don’t believe me, instead do your own research into such far left causes as UN 21 the Global plan for socialism and total govt control and you will find his name ALL OVER IT, like stink on dodo!

I spent 3 mo researching and putting together a presentation on UN 21, I had 154 slides, GW sold us down the creek…


… To honor Khan, can we at least understand that not all Muslim are the enemy and they can bring good things to this country.

The Bush Era is done and gone, so that doesn’t play into that article, it seems to me it’s the division between the Republican party and Muslims. It seems Trump lacks the temperament to separate Terrorism from a religion… something that Bush W was able to do.


Yeah, and he called Islam a religion of peace. Too bad former Muslims of a serious mien have said the opposite.


Only and ONLY if they so not believe in Sharia Law, if they do, I do not want here, simple as that.