The True Art Museum

A personal note regarding images/art:

I have collected hundreds and hundreds of beautiful images over my lifetime and I put them into notebooks under high grade acid free plastic covers. No originals, I care nothing about originals. My only interest is in the image itself and how it strikes me intellectually and emotionally. I had just soon have an image torn from a magazine and often get my best pieces from magazines. I don’t even bother to use scissors to square them off, but put them into the high-grade sheet-protectors with the torn edges still on them.

I have many notebooks full of magnificient images, but all of them together do not even hold a candle to the true art, which is the living breathing often-moving live “paintings” we see all around us, the art of our Heavenly Father.

What can a mere man put on any canvass that even remotely creates within the human soul the almost overwhelming heart-felt awe experienced when looking at the huge panarama of a sunset with it’s kaleidoscope of moving clouds and colors ? Or a day of drizzling rain with the trees gently swaying back and forth against a graying sky ? Or a snowy day when the snow falls lightly and steadly covering the trees and country side ?

Next time you see a truly beautiful and magnificient scene in God’s creation, out in the country side, or anywhere, play a little game with yourself. Use your imagination and visualize a simple picture frame around the scene and pretend you’re looking at a framed work of art in a real High Class Museum, because in a sense, you are.

Cheers :smile:[/IM

First image reminded me of a similar view from back when we were collecting samples from streams for studies.
Second image made me think of an instrumental piece; very … can’t describe. Sad, but also calming and hopeful. Third image reminded me of a trail I walked alone on a camping trip. Fourth image I am expecting waffen-ss soldiers in snow camo to materialize. Beautiful images though. If you think about it, all this is made of about 90 elements. How strange is that.