The Trump Presidency Is Over

I ‘hate’ when these RINO … bags of wind can spew their garbage on an internet “news site” but don’t allow for posting responses!
The only way to respond?

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LOLOL okay.

Attitudes like this is what has soured me on the Bush family. If I felt that Trump was unfit, I would NEVER jump from the frying pan and into the fire. If I think that NEITHER candidate is fit for the office, I would vote third party or abstain. There is no honor in supporting a dishonest, incompetent person like Hillary Clinton.

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This president has far exceeded expectations in my opinion. His decisions have been good, every time.

His enemies’ schemes, plots, plans and coups have been defeated EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

now that tells me something. THis man is protected. Supernaturally. God’s word says…he removes ‘kings’ and sets up others. (sometimes they are for good (trump). Sometimes they are for punishment (Obama). God also tells us we have a powerful supernatural weapon…its called prayer. Millions of people were praying for this man’s victory on November 9, 2016. It was a miracle is what it was. It was Awesome to watch. I still feel the victory whenever I think of it.

This Coronavirus collusion hoax will go the same way. See how the enemy gloms onto one thing right after the last failed. Satan is alive and well and inhabiting the left and many on the right. And I will not stop praying for This president and a 2020 Trump Victory. Because the alternative is deadly.

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This character Wehner is a never trumper. They haven’t done very well. They are like democrats and goats…they don’t give up. They keep butting. I used to defend the Bush family… but then they kept their mouths shut about the destruction brought on by Obama and criticized the Trump Administration. They reason they did that is they’re all in the same club. The presidency is only for ‘certain’ ones…not someone like DJT, a businessman with no political credentials. You can tell this because they’re all buddies. Look how old bush coddled Bubba. A decent man would not have done that.


There are those those who say this is just an extension of the Russia hoax, the Mueller probe, the Ukraine hoax and the impeachment hoax.

I think that this virus thing is for real. But comments like this from this never Trump Bozo show that like Rom Emanuel says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”