The "TRUMP,REGARDLESS" Campaign is in full swing!


That is right…sink ,swim, or float, we are going down with the ship but not abandoning the ship.:flag:


Nice to see you Senator. Long time…


When the MSM puts out anti-Trump propaganda, they can always find allies to spread it around.

Just take a look at this and all of the other forums and the loser mentality displayed for all the world to see!
(Heck, we have posters here touting how Hillary has already won)

No proof, just skewed, push polls by the same media that omits and lies about Everything!

And yet we are supposed to believe it!


Smoke, mirrors & magic. Every time something bad comes out about Hillary the dems do or say something to make the public look away. One the one hand I expect a certain percent of people to fall for it. But sadly a lot of republicans do and most of the media. Trump could fart & get 30 minutes of coverage on all 3 networks while Hillary can have an email released saying that blacks are to dumb to be successful & it doesn’t get cover at all. That’s how you rig an election folks.


Exactly what I think of when Trump says he’ll “make America Great again”, while touting protectionism.

That at the very least makes him ahistorical. More likely he’s economically illiterate.

And oh, don’t worry. Clinton is the same way. We’re getting idiocy regardless.



Do you think that those on this forum are “losers” because they think Trump won’t win?

Do you think those on this forum believe what the MSM says?

Do you think those on this forum trust polls?

Please, please . . . show us the “proof” that Trump will win. Sincerely, I wish it were true. I’d honestly like to see why Trump will win. Nothing would please me more (and the other losers here, I’m sure) than to see Hitlery crushed.


What I expect is many fraudulent voters and districts with more voters than registered voters from the democrats. That is unless we are engaged in another major war with russia because of obama’s siding with radical muslims.


I am not “touting” - trying to sell - a Hillary win to anyone. But, I am predicting she will win based on empirical factors presented during the race - hope I’m wrong, but I think she will win going away. I find the level of ignorance displayed by our electorate in nominating these two reprobates astonishing.

If I’m correct, I think it would be obvious to even the most ardent Trumpster not in denial that Hillary/Democrats didn’t win the election - Republicans gave it away when they jumped on the Trump bandwagon during the 24/7 media created/inspired/touting/frenzy of Trump during the primaries/nominating process.


Trumpsters considered the possibility that a media so in the tank for Hillary Clinton might provide free wall-to-wall coverage/assistance to Trump’s primary season campaign in order to propel the nomination of her weakest/easiest to target opponent?
My view is this. The country has been going through an anti politician phase. Politicians represent business as usual to most people. Trump was simply the most vocal & blunt anti politician of all of them so he stuck out from the crowd. I kind of liked the fact that he said stuff off the cuff because I’ve had enough of someone reading speeches designed to get the maximum votes. I’m tired of all of the promises that all politicians make knowing that when they get elected it will be the same old bull. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a Trump supporter or for that matter a supporter of any candidate. I have & still do view the election as being bigger than the candidate & support the party instead.
Now for about the 20th time I’ll point out the obvious (at least obvious to me). The countries values have over the years moved to the left. Just look around & there plenty of proof of that. Now that means that the voters have also moved left somewhat. I believe that they have moved left enough that a true real conservative can not be elected in this country. Oh sure they can be elected in areas of the country but not overall with the popular vote. And the more conservative they appear, the less chance they have of getting elected. Whoever runs MUST appeal to more than just conservatives. I think a lot of people here believe that just because they love one of those real conservatives & everybody around them loves him then he would win the popular vote. That’s not true. A KKK member could get elected in say…Alabama but he will get no votes in Harlem. The candidate for president has to appeal across the nation & most real conservatives just don’t. And again I’ll say that there isn’t a huge pool of closet conservatives waiting untapped for someone to vote for.
The wild card in a presidential election is that it tends to be a popularity contest. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan & yes, Obama are 3 great examples of people that just outshine those that run against them. Having that quality, where you walk on stage & every eye automatically goes to you is a huge advantage. I would pretty much say that if the left votes left, the right votes right, & one party is running someone that has that quality they basically just about can’t lose. Trump has a “little” bit of that quality (Hillary has none) but not only may he not have enough of it but the media has slanted the coverage so much that it may be impossible for him to win. I’ll add her that of the others that ran against Trump I saw none of that quality at all. If any of the others had walked around the Titanic shouting get to the lifeboats everyone on that ship would have died because nobody would have listened to them. Bland!
I think that conservatives have 2 chances of winning this election. 1. So many dems dislike Hillary that they don’t vote. 2. Every conservative votes for Trump & I think that he will carry those not in either party. The numbers are probably his biggest problem. He may carry more states but it’s not the one that gets the most states that wins, it comes down to electoral votes. So just a few key states is what this election comes down to.


I agree. Tex - and if Trump had stopped “farting” and remained on message - focused like a laser on Hillary Clinton’s monumental list of failures and pounded away at reminding the voters of his vision of the future instead of responding to every perceived slight/negative comment he might have won going away.

The 24/7 media coverage early on that helped propel Trump to the nomination is now showcasing his many warts. I’m convinced the news about Trump now being reported has been known by the Clinton campaign for months - what better time to bring it forth than at the end of the campaign in order to drown out negative information about Clinton. Of course, media is more than willing to oblige. Did we not know this would happen? Trump’s reputation as a playboy, filmed/taped commentary indicating a history of disparaging regard for women and history of bombastic commentary and previous support of Democrat candidates and causes - I mean, what could have possibly gone wrong??

Political fact: As long as we nominate target-rich buffoons while in search of perfection, we’re going to have difficulty winning the White House.

It is impossible to know with certainty, but Rubio, Cruz - damn near any Republican who ran for the nomination - would almost certainly have cleaned Clinton’s clock; would have stayed on message, would have clearly and precisely made the compelling case against her and not shot themselves in the ass every week, allowing her and her media buddies to redirect the focus of the campaign.

Instead, we nominate a media-produced clown who, it appears, will lose to perhaps the most beatable candidate in history and he may even take enough down-ballot Republican candidates with him to lose control of congress to Democrats.

Instead of Cruz with a Republican congress, we just might get Hillary unchained. Won’t that be special?