The Truth About Aide To Puerto Rico



From a friend in Puerto Rico

I got online for the first time in days and one of the very first things I saw was an out and out lie about the government’s response to the crisis I am in the middle of.

I don’t care if you hate or love Trump, using the crisis in Puerto Rico to spread political lies is disgusting!

I am literally across the street from the airport, and the hotel I am in is where many of the first responders are staying, so here is what is going on from someone who is actually here seeing it.

The government is here and has been here!

Every single day plane after plane full of FEMA, FBI, homeland security, army, Air Force, Marines, and extra police officers from all over the country shows up.
Cargo plane after cargo plane and ship after ship full of supplies shows up. There is a hospital ship off the coast that I can see from the beach.
The response was quick and it keeps coming!
They are out every day from sun up until sun down.

This isn’t a political issue, it is a humanitarian one.
The lies being spread about the response aren’t helping the people here, it is just fueling hate based on lies!

If you want to help Puerto Rico, donate money or supplies and pray.
If you want to play politics find something else to argue about!

Not like there aren’t hundreds of topics for you to choose from!

Edited to add this- Roads have been completely destroyed in many areas, especially the remote ones. The military and FEMA are going out to these places on foot with 100 lbs + packs on their backs.

It is requiring them to cut their way through flooded areas to get there. It will take time to reach everyone when conditions are as bad as they are.

Thank you, Sandi Davis!


Puerto Rico
Trouble on Welfare Island

Just listen to the Mayor or something of Puerto Rico as she bad mouths Trump at every chance she can get and MSN claiming that Trump won’t support Puerto Rico because he is a racist. I have been to PR, spent 2 weeks down there when I was thinking about retirement and as a place to retire to. I spent 1 day and 1 night in San Juan, the rest of the time I spent driving and seeing the island. PR IS the future of America, over half the people do not work, 1 in 6 draw SS Disability, average wage is less than $10 per hr, they get SS, but pay NO Federal Taxes (WHTF?), their economy is less than ½ of our last place state, Mississippi. The island is littered with abandoned buildings of corporations that moved to PR and had a difficult time hiring and keeping workers to the point they pulled out. Its a total welfare state.


According to Fox News, the Mayor of San Juan has not shown up to any of the strategy meeting that the government officials have been holding. All she does is get on the TV and bash Trump. She as the time to have a hat and t-shirt printed with a political slogan on it, but she does not have to time to aid in the rescue efforts. If Puerto Rico because becomes a state, watch her run for Senate.


IMO we should cut PR lose and let the Island sink or swim, it is a black hole for taxpayers money and they pay NO income taxes!!! Yet they get all the benefits of SS, Welfare, medical etc.

3.5 Million PR’s get $21 Billion in taxpayer funds…time to cut lose!