The truth about infection rates, lockdowns, Sweden and COVID long term

Here we see how incompetent doctors and the right-wing media, at best misinterpret the science and at worst simply lie.

…and in the US, many cases of pneumonia have been misrepresented as Coronavirus infections. See how this works? Last Tuesday, 2 of the five reported Coronavirus deaths in one city in Colorado “coincidentally” also had gunshot wounds! We KNOW of instances where people have died in automobile accidents and have been reported as "Coronavirus deaths. We know of a couple of reported Coronavirus deaths in NYC ALSO had “mysterious” fresh, gunshot wounds, too. When you INCENTIVIZE health-care institutions to classify every possible death as being caused by this virus, guess what? You get more such deaths reported! Now who would have imagined that could happen?

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And the opposite is also true, probably more so.

We’ve been through this…Everything in the circle has been caused by COVID.

And remember when you look at this chart, you need to compare weeks for different years?

What are you not getting? It’s not exactly everything that’s circled, but approximately. Is that the issue?

We know how many people die each year. There’s enough people in our country deaths average out well every year. Almost everything above the line in the graph is attributable by a force we don’t normally see.

I guess you could argue there’s another undetected mystery disease causing the excess death, but Occam’s razor says it’s covid.

One place you might have more room to argue is the potential issues with critical care facilities being near capacity due to covid hospitalizations. In periods when hospitals run out of space, in theory death due to otherwise preventable things may also rise. Is that attributable to covid? Kinda, but I don’t think we have enough data yet to look at those types of things well.

BS. You don’t know ANYTHING about how many people die each year! Are you REALLY that full of hubris–not to mention horse hockey? Every year is different and “average” doesn’t mean SQUAT when you’re talking about human mortality. Covid cost millions of people their jobs, security, livelihoods and faith in the future. Suicides and drug overdoses spiked during 2020…not so coincidentally at the same time people were being fired, losing their businesses and being driven into despair by the morons in charge. BTW, those were NOT “Covid” deaths just because Covid was the trigger for those people losing their jobs, incomes and hope.

Acctually, unless there is another cause of death that has accelerated this year vs the average of the last several years, then yes, everything circled is the result of COVID related deaths.

I generally agree. I should have clarified, I meant like 99.9% or even more decimals than that are covid deaths. I more meant they’re not necessarily LITERALLY all covid deaths. You’re right though, the distinction is pretty meaningless.

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The yellow line represents the high average for all the other cases of deaths combined. If the average increases above the yellow line the question is why?

We need only look out into the world for the kinds of things that people die of. Are other cause of death higher than normal? Enough to cause the average for a given week to rise above the yellow line? If not, quite literally all you’re left with is COVID and COVID related deaths…

So in your world, any death that’s above your “average” in the time of Covid IS Covid-related? What about all those deaths on your own chart “above the average” in the years BEFORE anyone ever heard of Covid? Were they Covid-related, too? You guys are idiots, but at least you’re first-class idiots.

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Anything above the line is from a factor not present in a typical year. The line is well above the actual numbers most years to cover variance. This is a problem of statistics. 2018 is also briefly above what it should be due to an especially deadly strain of flu

Yes, unless there are increased deaths in other areas.

What about suicide?

That’s a good question and one that is being studied. However, even if the suicide rate is higher:

  1. it will only account for a tiny fraction of the increase as rates are up about 10% (depending on the study you lend credence to).

  2. Once could argue that the Pandemic is the cause of increased suicide.

Do you think the government forcing people to wear masks and stay indoors is the cause?

That might well be true, however, the rate of death from letting people do whatever they want would be even higher than the increase in the suicide rate.

Case in point, it took From march until October to reach 200,000 deaths, but from October to now to eclipse 300,000 and it will only take another 30-45 days to eclipse 400,000…

Except NOT if the so-called “Covid deaths” are being systematically padded to make it SEEM worse than it is…which is becoming more and more apparent. There’s little doubt in any RATIONAL person’s mind that when we are PAYING “health-care facilities” enormous sums of money from the public coffers for every Covid death…or even just treatment…that those same “health care facilities” are going to CLAIM every possible death or illness the result of Covid.

My sister-in-law’s sister just died. I am quite sure it will be added to the Covid totals. The trouble is the woman had COPD, was on oxygen and continued to smoke cigarettes with her oxygen tank to help her continue to breath. Given her behavior, it was only a matter of time.

I know this is hard for you to comprehend, but it makes absolutely no difference in how death is categorized. The fact is that this year hundreds of thousands of people have died above the average. Now if you can show us other categories of death that have risen, do it.

Further, if you think that a significant number of car accidents are being categorized as COVID that aren’t, then show is where automobile deaths have declined in the numbers relative to other years, it’s that simple.

My guess is that there are a few Covid-related deaths…perhaps as much as 25% of the total being reported, but I doubt that Covid has killed much more than that itself.

First, condolences.

Second, if your sister-in-law had been hit by a car, how do you think her death would have been classified?

Would anyone have said, well…She had COPD and her days were numbered anyway. Thus the cause of her death was COPD not being hit by a car, even if she were hit in a way that a healthier person might have easily survived.

It’s hard to believe you would even ask a question this dumb. Of course, deaths go beyond the average before COVID that aren’t COVID. Deaths above the average have happened MANY times in the past. And when it happens, there are explanations. The last time it happened was in 2018 and we know exactly what causes it. Just as now, we look at all causes of death and we determine the explanation for the cause.

Look, to be entirely honest, we might find that suicide rates in 2020 were higher than in other years (though it will only explain a tiny portion of the above average death rate), but we also might conclude that COVID is indirectly related to that as well.

Point is, COVID explains why the number of deaths in the US has spiked each week since the pandemic began, much higher than the average for a given week. We’re also going to see the death rate return to the average as people are vaccinated. More proof thgat the increase in deaths is related to COVID.

If I’m wrong and you are right, than the trend of deaths should stay higher than the average even after the vaccine.

Another opportunity to make a bet? We both know you’ll pass because you know I’m right.

Horsehockey! We’ve already NOTED a rise in suicides and overdose deaths. Now YOU may want to call those “Covid-related” but no real scientist does. They are “Covid-related” ONLY in the sense that they probably wouldn’t have happened IF there were no idiotic lock-downs in response to this so-called “pandemic” that are destroying lives, businesses and reputations.

Horsehockey? LOL…

Sure, I don’t deny a rise in suicide attempts and that might be responsible for, at most 10-20k death out of what, 400k and rising?

Ok, so that explains a small portion of the deaths that are beyond the average (and those can be explained by COVID indirectly).

That’s true, but ignores the fact that without lockdowns, the virus would have spread faster in a time when we knew a LOT less about it and were less prepared to deal with it. The lockdowns, while not effective in stopping COVID, do slow the rate of spread which gave the nation time to learn more about the virus and what treatments were most effective (and those that were not /cough hydroxychloroquine /cough) and ramp up supplies and facilities to deal with the virus not mention buy time to create vaccines.

Thus the lockdowns may have contributed to the deaths of people, but not locking down, would have, without a DOUBT, caused 100’s of thousands more.

Not to mention, people have the choice to kill themselves, most people infected by the virus have the choice taken from them.