The tweet



Wow, I really want this to be true.

Btw, context… Clinton said she was inviting Mark Cuban and sitting him in the front row, so Trump said he’d invite Gennifer Flowers.


Before I google, can someone tell me who this lady is? :embarrese


My guess is that she is someone Bill had sex with. Now I don’t know that & I haven’t looked her up. But I figured that I would make a pretty good guess by saying it. After all the odds are 60-40 on any woman’s name that Bill had sex with her. (wink)
What did Bill tell Hillary after having sex? …I’ll be home in 20 minutes. (& old one but probably still current).


Wow if this is true, putting her in the front row would be as diabolical as one could be. Mark Cuban would look like a Trump surrogate compared to such a move.



Yeah, she’s one of the mistresses that Bill admitted to. It was a 12 year affair. Probably his longest term mistress.