The Twin Towers Fall

Tomorrow is an anniversary of that ill fated day and so I thought this post was appropriate. I read the Popular Science report years ago and know that there are still people out there who swear we did the deed or the jews and so on.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories - Debunking the Myths - World Trade Center - Pentagon - Flight 93

I have been reading of two instances of advertising aimed at this day which were deemed inappropriate and insensitive. This tells me that there are some who view it as a joke and an opportunity to push sales.

We live in an era where Truth, objective fact, is rejected - and a clever narrative woven around spin and cherry-picked factoids, is admired.

An era where everyone wants to “matter” - and changing the course of history by reworking the narrative is an easy way to do that.

So…we have revisionism on steroids.

Interesting, how these types are so eager to blame “Da JOOZ!” for everything, and yet DENY the OBVIOUS murderous and destructive and anti-intellectual aspects of Mohammedism.


One thing I have not seen is warnings about possible attacks on our soil this year. However in the light of a president who refuses to acknowledge terrorism and even imports it this is not surprising.

I am sure that I am not alone in my fears for the safety of all Americans this Sunday.

These were sent to me from the scene right after the attack.

911 Slideshow by miketx60 | Photobucket


First, I wont be on today, but when I get home I will be watching the shows and reminded of this terrible attack. So many of the families still suffer and are reminded every year. Thousands of lives lost, destroyed hope and accomplishments that were never realized.

Second, those who believe this is an inside job have some very serious questions to answer that throw such extreme theories into the trash where they belong.

Third, it is one thing to explore justice and truth, quite another to bend it and manipulate it to feed a preconceived thesis.

Finally, I heard Clinton suggest; I paraphrase “any person who directs, inspires or spreads hatred against America will not get away with it”. I imagine Trump would take an even stronger stance, with good reason as we see the global destruction radicalized and inspired citizens engage in (I recently watched an expose documentary of a group radicalizing British citizens in Britain).

This should be a warning to any Canadian agents spreading hatred and spreading hatred against America, regarding the 9/11 attacks or otherwise. America will not and should not give you a pass. They have been caught on multiple occasions without accountability. Quite different from a private citizens exploration; as perverse and poorly founded they might be. State propaganda against a close ally is not friendly activity, it s what enemies engage in.

Yep. Relavitism replacing absolutism. Some of these people suggest to you that the wall in front of your face is not real…(I kid you not).

In Canada, we have a strong anti-American, anti-Israeli society, perpetuated by the authorities I might add, but I digress. We have a group working to actively push boycotts of Israeli made products. Someone recently went undercover to expose them and their extremist views.

I have seen both sides cheerlead, but not as rabidly or aggressively as the enlightened extreme left. I experienced it first hand while doing my degree when in sociology classes. Jerry Seinfeld described it recently when he visited a college, you cannot speak unless some hear what they want to hear. You have to walk on eggshells, discourse is shut down. Someone can come to Canada tomorrow and suggest that we not take another drop of oil our of the ground, tell you every evil you are committing to the environment every day, and you will be able to hear them and buy a ticket. Someone from the right talks about the evils of some nations and fighting a war against those who want to do us harm and there will be countless protesters. Your voice can only be heard if it suits their narrative. It’s a form of extremism that is destroying our societies and altering facts.