The 'Uncle Tom-ing' of Ben Carson Begins


The ‘Uncle Tom-ing’ of Ben Carson Begins
by Larry O’Connor


MSNBC host and commentator Touré fired a clear and distinct shot at Dr. Ben Carson Friday, hammering the African-American Presidential Medal of Freedom winner for daring to challenge the Obamadoxy parroted by Touré and progressive journalists bent on supporting the President’s policies at all costs.

Like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Colin Powell (until he got the message) and Herman Cain before him, Carson will now be the target of the most vile and reprehensible kinds of criticism from black progressives like Touré and his colleague Al Sharpton. A black man who doesn’t blindly support the president and the big government programs that has created a dependency on government that has crippled America’s underclass is susceptible to name calling that, otherwise, would not be tolerated in American political discourse.

Herd animals or common cause mindset, the net effect is the same, and the tactics quite recognizable!


But of course…first must come the uncritical and unequivocal acceptance and yearning by conservatives for their next Black Hope that proves they aren’t racist. If conservatives haven’t fallen head over heels for a black candidate…then the libs really don’t care or engage in character assassination.
Unfortunately…the tendency to laud first and be embarrassed later is all too frequent.
If recent election cycles teach us anything about Rep candidates it is VET VET VET…then commit.


So, finding some one’s ideas interesting and objecting to race-based demonization is “uncritical and unequivocal acceptance”? Does Carson seem too conservative for your tastes, Cam? FWIW, I have no need to vote for a black (wo)man because of their color. Ideas are what matter, and did in my Presidential Primary votes in 1996 and 2000, when the candidate for whom I voted happened to be black.

Or were you being sarcastic?


Yes, it’s a race thing. Couldn’t possibly be we agree with what the man said regardless of skin tone. As always you go on the offensive against anything that messes with the status quo.


I’ll leave the relevance or irrelevance of this comment to Cam and others, but a conservative R black can count on two things: being Uncle-Tom’ed by Libs/Progs/Ds; being crap-weaseled by “Moderate” Rs. Re the latter, were more thorough “vetting” really the object, that process would be better served by letting the one to be vetted to speak their mind and lay out their plans without the Uncle-Tom’ing by Libs, etc. and the sniping by “Moderates”.


Yes Pete…but you are not everyone. Anyway…I like a LOT of Carson’s ideas…just don’t like the man. (Don’t like his willingness to restrict the 2nd amendment, don’t like his YEC 6000 year old earth and anti-evolution stance or 7th Day Adventism) My point was that Conservatives as a group have jumped on too many bandwagons lately and particularly are eager as a group to jump on black bandwagons since they are so often ACCUSED UNJUSTLY of racism and the latest bandwagon once again proves they are NOT. This is of course, not an exclusive issue for conservatives…but the rest of the country got it out of their system in 2008 and then proved they were idiots by doing it again in 2012.

I’ll leave this by commenting that Ben Carson stated today that he is not interested in ANY political office.…and would better like a TV show to discuss the issues.
Hot Air comments (and you may see some similarity to my post) :

"Dr. Carson seems like a fine man and a good speaker. But before we start anointing people as leaders of the conservative movement, maybe we should make sure that they want to lead in that direction, and that they have an interest in rolling up their sleeves and doing the heavy lifting necessary. It’s not Dr. Carson’s fault that a lot of people seem to have jumped to some erroneous conclusions about his intent and perspective, but that also doesn’t mean that Dr. Carson isn’t worth a serious listen on these issues in the future."
Video: Latest savior of the GOP not interested in running for office « Hot Air


Yes Pete…but you are not everyone.

Cam, I see myself as rather unexceptional in many ways, this being one. I’m around many Rs and conservatives, just in the course of my daily life. They appreciate the irony of the gulf between the stereotype of conservatives as racists and reality - and even tweak stereotypers, as I also do - but don’t need to have black candidates for political office to prove they/we aren’t racists. They/we let our daily lives demonstrate that.

What are your practical concerns about SDA folk and Young-Earth Creationists? I don’t think SDA folk are out to force vegetarianism on the general population (IIRC, many/most SDA folk are vegetarians), nor to ban pork and shellfish. And contrary to some atheists’ stereotypes, Creationists do not oppose the sciences (not to mention that many Creationists work in and with the sciences).


I don’t know enough about him to say whether I’d support him in a primary or not. If he is anti 2nd, I could not.


Aside from the 2nd amendment stuff …Young Earth Creationism goes FAR beyond a denial of evolution and denies virtually ALL the sciences. Hand in hand with this is an IMPLICIT support for exposing kids to this alternate “science” (religion in the guise of science) in the schools. Believing that kids should also learn alternative views of plate tectonics, age of the earth, when dinosaurs and man lived together and evolution has no place in science class. This is YEC as opposed to simple creationism which “only” denies evolution yet accepts an old earth while claiming man and other species were acts of special creation events rather than as products of evolution. Also doesn’t belong in science class. While it is true that many if not most scientists are Christians… it is quite impossible to be a good biological scientist and not believe in evolution as a fact based on the overwhelming evidence. Most such Christian biological scientists simply view Genesis as allegorical and accept that their God is the FIRST CAUSE of life and that he knew/knows how it will all turn out from that first living single cell without further involvement in the process.
Finally…beyond the YEC beliefs of SDA’s …there are a host of more cultish beliefs which cause me to ask whether a guy who COULD believe this stuff is the kind of guy I want RUNNING the country. Kinda like I feel about 9/11 truthers and large segments of Alex Jones listeners. :smiley:

(Oh…and if you think the YEC/Creationist types are not active in trying to get their agendas taught in schools…either as a matter of law or at the local level and as teachers…think again…I’ve got plenty of links to share…like this Louisiana Science Education Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Hope this answers your questions on why I don’t like Ben Carson as a political candidate…presidential or otherwise. I actually like his idea for a TV show on the issues…and he has some great ideas that are worthy of support.