The USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election "Daybreak" Poll


For those here that are always talking about how much Hillary is beating Trump, according to the polls, here is one that I talk about!
(It’s by liberals too)

Hillary broke sharply down in the USC Dornsife tracking poll tonight. Trump 45.1 and Hillary 42.3.

Reading their polling numbers like stock numbers Hillary’s next support level is 40 and Trump’s is 47.4.

Hillary’s numbers collapsed in 24 hours from 43.6 to 42.3%.

That is a sharp and fatal fall.

Maybe a press conference this week can stem the tide.

The email scandal that won’t go away, her medical issues and basically no one likes or trust her and they are taking their toll.

This chart tracks our best estimate, over time, of how America plans to vote in November

The final blue and red figures on the right side of the chart represent our most recent estimates of Hillary Clinton’s vote (blue squares) and Donald Trump’s (red diamonds). These estimates represent weighted averages of all responses in the prior week. The gray band is a “95-percent confidence interval”. Figures lying outside the gray band mean that we are at least 95% confident that the candidate with the highest percentage will win the popular vote.

Note: If you check back often, you may need to refresh your browser page to see the latest update.

The USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election “Daybreak” Poll | Understanding America Study


Like I said before I think the pole numbers are slanted. U-tube is alive with people agreeing with me. Liberals know that they have a damaged candidate in Hillary & they are doing everything they can. Propaganda is being pushed down everybody throat. Just the numbers of people showing up to hear him (compared to Hillary) could mean that there will be a landslide. My wild guess is that there will be almost as many democrats voting for Trump as there are Republicans not voting for him.
This election isn’t over until the old lady squeals like she is being put into prison.


Just saw a new pole that says Trump gained (Hillary lost) 2 points out of the 8 point lead.


BTW, it’s a “poll” not a “pole”,


Pole, Poll, don’t care what you use, point made, point understood!


Pretend for a moment that your not a conservative. Pretend that your kind of middle of the road on issues but you are going to vote. Think about what you know about each candidate. Trump talks off the cuff & does make some gaffs. He very plain spoken. Maybe you don’t like that because you think he’s a bit of a wild card. On the other hand Hillary speaks well but you know that you can’t trust anything she says because she lies. Throw into that mix the fact that the Clinton foundation seems to be a pay off system that she sells favors through. So which are you going to vote for?
Even if you think that you have 2 poor choices to vote for I think Trump is the clear winner & I hope Americans agree with their votes.


Just saw this:

Donald Trump has jumped ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally in the race for the White House, according to a new poll.
Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has 40 percent support to Clinton’s 39 percent, according to a poll by the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports released Thursday.


Remember, though, it’s not the individual votes that count, but the electoral.


Donald Trump has jumped ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally in the race for the White House, according to a new poll.
Just thought that I would update what I said. Trump is once again on a CNN poll. Think about that a minute. Even liberals are saying that he is ahead.