The Value Of Life! (Ten Grand?)


Maybe someone with better search skills can help me out here?

I heard on our local Richmond station (WRVA 1140am) today that this monster was ‘gifted’ with a $10,000 bond!
(Hence … my title)

I can’t find that story in print anywhere.
It’s not even on the stations site!?

The original (media/print) stories were very mis-leading claiming the newborn was dead!
It wasn’t!

Well here’s the story:

**Actual Title:**Woman ‘gave birth in an office toilet cubicle and put the newborn in a bag before throwing it out with the trash’

A woman gave birth to a baby girl, put her in a plastic bag and threw her in a dumpster ‘like common household trash’, a court heard today.

Shavaughn Robinson, from Richmond, Virginia, gave birth to the baby in the bathroom of an office building last week, put the baby in the toilet bin and covered it with paper towels.

She then allegedly tied up the bag and threw it in the dumpster behind the building.

Robinson worked in the building as a massage therapist and said she was having stomach problems before going to the bathroom.

The 27-year-old was seen cleaning up blood and acting suspiciously in a bathroom stall by a cleaning crew.

The janitor found the baby’s body that evening. She died of asphyxiation.

Woman ‘gave birth in an office toilet cubicle and put the newborn in a bag before throwing it out with the trash’ | Mail Online

Society’s Downfall!


JustKari (from another forum) :devil:found it!

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Janae Craddock also told a judge that the mother, Shavaughn Robinson, told the police: “I don’t want people thinking I killed that baby for nothing.”

It was unclear what Robinson meant by the comment.

At today’s hearing, Craddock asked that Robinson be held without bond, arguing that she gave birth to the baby girl last week in a bathroom in an office building on Monument Avenue and left the child in a plastic trash bag in a Dumpster behind the building.

Craddock also said that Robinson, who is charged with felony concealment of a dead body, will be facing additional charges and is considered a flight risk. The police have labeled the infant’s death as a homicide.

Po Chau, a supervising assistant public defender, asked the judge to set a “reasonable bond.”

Chau described Robinson, 27, as a hard worker with strong family backing who, if released on bond, would be staying with her 70-year-old grandmother in Richmond.

“There is no evidence of her being a flight risk,” Chau said.

Judge Angela E. Roberts of Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court set bond for Robinson at $10,000. Craddock told the judge that the prosecution will appeal the decision. Another bond hearing could be held this week in Richmond Circuit Court.

Richmond Times-Dispatch : Prosecutor: Baby discarded in trash suffocated


Bail is not supposed to be a punishment, but to be an “incentive” for the one being released not to flee. It tends to seem like a punishment because more serious crimes tend to have higher bail. But that is due to the punishment for serious crimes being a greater incentive to flee. Supposedly, anyway.

That female needs a close encounter with “Ole Sparky”. I wonder of she’ll even get a lifetime career modeling orange jumpsuits in the halls of VA’s GrayBar Hotel.

I would be shocked if that female couldn’t have found suitable and eager prospective adoptive parents by the dozen for that baby!