The Victim Card


More and more we see various groups from the gender confused, blacks, mexicans, gays, muslims, or any other group who swear that they are misunderstood and that their way is the best way to go.

We hear a myriad of complaints on how they are being discriminated against and that life style wants and needs are not being meant. We are told we need to conform to ideology which normalizes child sex or sex with anything or anyone. Blacks should be given a break for the suffering so many of them, encountered on the plantations of late and crimes committed should be ignored. Mexicans want us to adopt the ways of mexico and fly their flag. Gender confused do not know if they are male or female and even want to change back if they go through reassignment and want us to accept their life style. Gays think that they have it right when they decide sex with their own kind is the way to go and we “breeders” are in the wrong. The bisexual just wants to have it with both sexes. Muslims want us all dead or paying them tax while still abusing us.

Now these groups have one thing in common and that is to force compliance and acceptance while berating others for having standards and morals.

Less I forget we have that group that finds offense for everything they can possibly nitpick about.


Sam, its called: “death by a thousand cuts”


The minorities think that only THEY were ever enslaved. How wrong can that thought be? I’ve been working FOR them for too long now, and I want to be emancipated. :freaked:


Victims become dependents which is what the government wants, it’s how the government ushers in communism socialism. The literally make the people want it.


I don’t want to disagree with your nice pic or the super cool, albeit testosterone induced saying under it, but shouldn’t you take out the “close gate livestock on property” sign?

Just say’in



I can see you don’t know a lot about gates out in the rural part of the country. Many ranches have public roads and roads with various easement access and the general rule is if the gate is closed, then close it when you pass thru, but if you want to insure its done then leave instructions, otherwise some will come thru and think will just gonna be here a few min to do this or that and then leave, will just leave it open, this negates that from happening…


First, I admit, I don’t know much about the rural parts of the country. I imagine it’s beautiful there and I’m sure you enjoy it. It’s not for me, though I love to visit those places. I grew up in a large city in New England and until I was 14 I had never really left the city. When I was 14 my parents decided to drive us kids across the country, coast to cost. We drove through the south (culture shock), we drove though some of the poorest areas of the deep south in Mississippi and Alabama. We broke down on a road somewhere in west TX 45 miles from the next closest human being. We spent 14hrs in the sandy desert (it was November) and I remember that night seeing the sky for the first time in my life. I was pretty amazing. Then we drove into the mountains of New Mexico…Again, growing up in New England I felt like I was on another planet…

Anyway, I was just bust’in your chops…No one talks to me any more…lol

That’s funny though, using the sign to get people to close the gate…


Been all over NE, in fact have hit all 50 and all but a couple have been in most many times. From 2 Jan '85- 27 Apr '87 I drove just over 139,000 mi in the US, drove just about every piece of Interstate, most in both directions, drove the entire coast line of the US…Northern Maine down to Key West, to Brownsville Tx and drove the PCH from South of San Diego to British Columbia and back…all on business.


You sound like a very interesting person my friend. If you’re ever in DC, let me know!


Lived there too, in fact an Apt on Penn Ave, Falls Church, VA and Annapolis MD. Then the Army wanted me for a Pentagon tour and I turned them down and they sent the job down to me at Ft Monroe, Va.



I work in McLean Next to Tysons, but I live about an hour west of that area. Having said that, I used to work in the Federal Division of my company. I’ve worked at the US Patent office, IRS, DEA, EOP (Exec Off of the President), AFT and the list goes on and on.

I’m happy to work mostly from home these days, but I still have to schmooze with customers all the time in that area. Like I said, if you can be seen with a “rabid liberal” like myself and your ever in the area, Hell, I’d take you to lunch…lol. I warn you though. I won’t live up to the hype.


Don’t fall for his trap!! He will take you to a vegan shop!!!


Haha…I’m telling you, I won’t live up to the hype.


Who derailed the discussion?

OP, are you sure that this applies to every or all cases of said “victim groups” or just a vocal minority? Except for Muslims maybe, I think those victims are just a vocal minority. But I know it’s still true that most of these groups still vote Democrat. No way a LGBT or gender confused person will vote for a Republican. No they just won’t. So it’s harder to say the GOP is successful unless they (gulp) actually cater to those groups. I know it sounds a little scary doesn’t it?


Tofu & broccoli BBQ!


I must be a forum killer or something. :wink:


Naw, that’s just when a thread dies after you post in it. This is just “thread drift.” Happens to everyone.


I last posted here a couple months ago, but I returned a little. So, well… take the opinions in my previous posts with a grain of salt. They don’t necessarily reflect my opinions now. I guess I changed somewhat.

In fact, take anything I post on here at all with a grain of salt.