The View at it again


This is why this show should be cancelled immediately. Joy Behar should be tarred and feathered. I never saw a more disgusting and confrontational individual in TV. She seems to thrive on flapping her big mouth. She reminds me of my uncle who used to love getting everyone riled up and then would walk away and watch everyone fighting with each other while he would chuckle away.


“The View” is the worst show on television. All they need is to add Steven Colbert to the panel, they would have the worst show of all time. Wooppie Goldberg needs to go broke and have to go back on welfare so that she can appreciate what capitalism has done for her.


Totally agree! If Colbert ever goes on their show, it will be a love-fest Marx style. I can’t stand him. Whoopie needs to go home.


They’re successful on tv for the exact same reason Trump is successful.


Curious . . . have their ratings gone up or down this year?


5-10 years ago, I don’t even recall people talking about The View. I see it mentioned frequently now. Not only do I imagine it’s tv ratings are falling less than tv in general, I bet you way more people are watching pieces of it on YouTube than did a few years ago.
It wouldn’t suprise me if it reaches more people(including internet clips) than it ever did in the past. And it’s an ancient show. It was on when I was a child.


Watch how you sling them offensive words around, I’m older than you!

When you were a kid, ‘the view’ was cotton candy-- light, fluffy and basically pointless.


“The View” is like the Greg Gutfelt Show for conservatives, except that the tone on “The View” is much more mean spirited. They don’t laugh there when they spew their venom. There is nothing funny on “The View.” It’s just a big hate fest.


I’ve never watched The View. Never intend to watch it. Daytime talk shows, no matter who the guests or regulars is a waste of my eyesight and brain cells. Never watched any of them. Don’t know about their ratings. I suppose they are up there because otherwise the network would cancel the show. UGH! Just the thought of those women makes me nauseous.


And now it’s like poop; brown, smelly, and basically pointless…

I saw a little of it in the late 2000s; enough to know it wasn’t worth garbage.