The viral spiral!

Faithful Republicans, I understand that the top issue confronting Americans is SARS COVID 19…at least the Media would have you believe that. I have abstained from weighing in on this matter out of delicacy and good taste. However, to quote a certain Spinach-eating seaman, “I HAVE STOOD ALL I CAN STAND, AND I CAN’T STANDS NO MORE!!”
My father died of COVID…after suffering years with incurable cancer…OOPS! STATISTIC!!
My brother in law died after horrible years of cancer…of COVID.
Two ministers that I sat under for years died, allegedly of COVID. And obesity, diabetes,etc…
I have had honest health care workers tell me that this is going on daily. A padding of the scoreboard.
What gives?

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Which drug cartel made more money this year? The Mexican Cartel or the Pfizer Cartel?
Information regarding financial gains of BOTH are kept hushed up… Come to think of it, both groups make money off of the same group…the American People and their anxiety.
I am fully vaxed…but sceptical

Senator Foghorn me & my family is are last souls on earth who haven’t got it. I know a few people who got it twice and one that got it thrice.

Dr Falsie is not one to criticize, Conservative…his claim to fame was, when the Aids virus first began taking a toll on the Gay community, it seems Falsie was on the team to develop a VACCINE for the good of the homosexual virus victim…
And we all know how well THAT worked! Perhaps a rousing vote of thanks from the true Conservative is in order.
By the way, what is the status of AIDS??? Maybe we should ask Falsie, when he can be spared from his current project: Pandemic Pandemonium.
What a FUN GUY!

He was appointed by Reagan. Reagan didn’t care about AIDS. There is no money in an aids cure bill them all the way to the grave. My advice senator is just enjoy every day from here to the grave because health no matter how healthy one is we all end up dead.