The Washington Post Helps Identify FBI Lawyer Who Altered FISA Docs…

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(Only time will tell, I guess?)


About Clinesmith: [I] Clinesmith lamented Clinton’s loss the day after the election, messaging to several FBI employees, “I am numb.” He added, “I am so stressed about what I could have done differently.”

Clinesmith also expressed regret over the reopening of the Clinton email case on Oct. 28, 2016, arguing that it “broke the momentum” of Clinton’s campaign. He warned at the time that the belated move, which was pressured by leaks over the discovery of additional classified emails on the laptop of Clinton’s aide in New York, could initiate “the destruction of the republic.”

After Clinesmith messaged another FBI employee that he was “just devastated” over Trump’s unexpected victory, he launched into a rant: “I just can’t imagine the systematic disassembly of the progress we made over the last 8 years. ACA is gone. Who knows if the rhetoric about deporting people, walls, and crap is true. I honestly feel like there is going to be a lot more gun issues, too, the crazies won finally. This is the tea party on steroids. And the GOP is going to be lost, they have to deal with an incumbent in 4 years. We have to fight this again. Also Pence is stupid.”

Then Clinesmith soon sent another text: “I am so stressed about what I could have done differently,” read another message that apparently referenced the Clinton email investigation.

Asked in one text message after the election if he had changed his mind about Trump, Clinesmith wrote: “Hell no. Viva le resistance.” ----- via A couple of things you might not know about the FBI conspiracy against Trump Flopping Aces ^ | 06-26-18 | DrJohn

NYT Confirms Strzok Team Underling, Kevin Clinesmith, is FBI Lawyer Who Altered FISA

Let’s hope that he’s smart enough to blow the whistle on those who directed him to do this.

I don’t know if that would be smart or not; someone might commit suicide on him…


The fake news is already making the case that this is a low level person and that the scandal stops with him. I will be skeptical that anything will come of this until it happens. Cover-ups and taking care of your fellow government workers is now the highest priority in Washington. It even goes beyond the parties.

Yes, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe got caught with their pants down, but no criminal charges have been brought against them. McCabe lost his job and his pension, but he’s still on CNN, probably making more than he did before, and running his mouth with his political opinions. What these people did is perfectly acceptable now, especially if you are on the big government side of the aisle, which extends to both parties.