The West Point Communist


I don’t know if he’s just a troll, or if he’s serious. Either way, my folks are absolutely livid ( they’re both West Point grads themselves),

After the report by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington (Ret.), who only just retired as a professor at West Point this year, they’re basically calling it a mix blessing that my youngest sister turned out to be too sick to attend herself.


I am LIVID and NOT a WPA guy…worse WP allowed this to go on and on and has yet to do NOTHING. Just saying they are looking into it.

IMO WP has swung FAR LEFT, in this case VERY FAR.

Take note this report OUT OF WP

Challengers from the Sidelines Understanding Americas Violent Far-Right Major Arie Periliger, Combating Terrorism Center WPA.

You can see where WP views the problems in the US. Its a gem of the far left…