The West Wing:


Being a republican, I sometimes get the old, oh your a republican so you won’t like this show. When in fact, most shows are liberal in nature since Hollywood has a natural liberal bias. I tend to push politics aside when watching my entertainment. My favorite show of all time has got to be Breaking Bad, and the Newsroom comes a close second. So when I kept hearing about The West Wing from Newsroom/ Aaron Sorkin fans I thought I might as well give it a try.

I watched the first seven episodes over the course of this week, and by the seventh episode I didn’t care about any of the characters at all! Oh yea, I like shows that make you care about the characters, have a good plot, or gets you thinking about life and/or the future. This show didn’t have any of that. It was literally a drama that tried to be a soap opera about nothing. They tried to make it be more about the characters lives than the issues, and yet the job kept on interfering with whatever lives they thought they had.The President was an OK guy but he was annoying and not at all, portraying a real President, just some hollywood actor who wants to be president. The only person I seemed to connect with was the young black kid who became the President’s aid. Charlie.

That being said, I wanted to know why people liked the West Wing so much. They say, every single political show has been based off of the West Wing and of course I see West Wing elements in the Newsroom. I honestly think the Newsroom is better. Having just binge-watched House of Cards on Netflix last week I can say without a doubt that HOF is better than WW! The short lived Political Animals on USA was even better than the West Wing, because at least the characters all had a different personality! I think even Mad Men is a similar style like the West Wing, but I love Mad Men because the characters are more interesting and they actually do things outside of their jobs. In fact, half of their job is outside their job. The White House is more exciting than what WW portrays it to be.

Was the West Wing the most over hyped TV Drama in history? It literally sucked. And it’s not because it was a liberal paradise, it was because the writing, and might I add the acting sucked.