There Are No Boundaries': Liberal Artist Criticized for Depicting Kavanaugh's Daughter in Cartoon


There Are No Boundaries’: Liberal Artist Criticized for Depicting Kavanaugh’s Daughter in Cartoon


These liberals are really sick people, but it’s no different from their communist and fascist relitives who attack every aspect of those who don’t believe in them, including children who are 10 years old. When this country was sane, publishing garbage like this would have ruined the artist’s career and left him painting signs for Burma Shave ads. As it is, he’ll probably get a Pulitzer Prize.


I hope Kavanaugh sues this clown (and a bunch of others) for libel/slander.


You really believe that this cartoon opens it’s author to libel/ slander?


No, but the Democrats harass innocent people with lawsuits so in a vindictive way one might hope that could happen. The trouble is public figures don’t stand much chance in court with suits like this.


I don’t support this kind of thing, but I understand where we are in our politics is a creation of the kinds of tactics that have been employed on all sides.

In other words, there are lots of people that need to look in the mirror. To call it a “liberal” or “conservative” thing is really to blind yourself to what’s going on.


Want to find us some of the “conservative things”?


Lots of examples of this from several rallies


I suppose I can’t say for sure. But he’s de facto stating that Kavanaugh is all of those things claimed in the cartoon. And bringing Kavanaugh’s daughter into it ought to buy the “artist” a King-Kong-sized boot in the rear. His daughter did something beautiful, and that cartoonist clown turned it into filth.


No he didn’t. He couldn’t. The sewage that cartoonist spilt won’t leave the slightest stain on young Miss Kavenaugh’s generous spirit.


Not in reality, but in the minds of some who see the cartoon and think it’s true, it’ll stain Kavanaugh’s name even more than the left has been doing of late.


Matthew 10:22-24


Oh, I know the Lord wins in the end, along with all of those who are His. But we still have to endure the mess of this world and its lies (and liars) to the point to where the prophets and other saints say: “How long, O Lord?”


Only a lifetime…


It’s a cartoon. I’m not defending it’s lack of taste, but where are the “free speech” folks now?

Should the Judge’s children be out of bounds? OF COURSE, but that is a cultural decision (not a legal one) and both sides have been racing to the bottom like this for years. Please don’t act like this is a one sided thing. If you believe it is a one-sided thing, I suspect you’re information is coming from limited sources or, I suspect, that your bias is so deep you literally cannot fairly evaluate that information in a impartial manner.

Lastly, I don’t claim to know what his daughter said, but you guys have selective skepticism if I’ve ever seen it. No one knows if his daughter actually said those words, but they played FANTASTICALLY on TV.


As I implied, I’m not in fact sure that under the law it constitutes libel. But the fact that it’s a cartoon has NO bearing on that. Believe me; I’m no fan of conservatives making fun of asthetics of certain leftist political figures or the like.

I don’t say this is one-sided, but I have my opinion as to which side got the head start in the race to the bottom.

Wait a minute. The only evidence of what she said came from Kavanaugh. The only evidence that she didn’t say it comes from- nowhere. There is nothing extraordinary about her saying it; hang around Christians more, and I submit it would become more apparent.


Wait, because Kavanaugh said it, that makes it true? I mean, I don’t claim to know one way or another, I just think it amusing that you take Kavanaugh at his word ignoring his motivation to be dishonest while being extremely skeptical of people who you, ironically, disagree with.


What would Kavanaugh’s motivation BE to lie about what his own daughter said in her preparation for prayer? Now tell us what Ford’s motivation is for telling a cock and bull story ABOUT Judge Kavanaugh from when he was 17 years old???


Well let’s see, he stands to gain an appointment to the SC, DR Ford get’s ridiculed, harassed and gets death threats.

Mind you, I want to be clear, I have no idea what happened, I’m just amused at how selective the skepticism is.

Obviously, you think Dr. Ford is lying, but when Kavanaugh says his little girl prayed for Dr. Ford everyone’s hearts get all mushy.

The point has nothing to do with whether his daughter acctually said that or not, the point is how you’ll believe anything that comes from a person you support and doubt everything from those you do not.


Of course you do based on your anecdotal experience. I’m sure to some degree this stuff goes all the way back to the founders, but the internet age is special because the media in all it’s forms can track your interests and shove stories in your face that you already agree with. When you see enough you start to believe that’s how the world really is. Course, no one will admit to the insane bias they feed themselves, everyone will claim they “read the other side”.

Truth is, neither of us know who “started it”. All we have is the stories that we remember and we tend to remember those that run contrary to our ideas and beliefs.