There Are No Boundaries': Liberal Artist Criticized for Depicting Kavanaugh's Daughter in Cartoon


The odds would be heavily in favor of that, yes.


You realize that a general was sentenced for basically the same things Clinton admitted to, right? She skated. He paid for a relatively innocuous mistake, albeit relatively lightly. That was something that happened recently, with available evidence, and was investigated promptly not some 36-year-old event without any good available evidence that was unreported until a judge Democrats don’t like was nominated to the Supreme Court.

She skated just like her lying husband skated when he lied under oath, something that lands regular people in prison. Clinton isn’t even in the same realm as this accusation.

Well, yeah. Some 90 percent of journalists characterize themselves as liberals. Lawyers are pretty thick with “liberal” “progressive” regressives, and academics are even more homogeneous.

I believe you :slight_smile: Prove me right.


“Just where the heck are you getting this” isn’t even about whether or not it’s a source he trusts; it’s about you saying “as I understand it” without citing any source (my impression is that Bobjam hasn’t seen what you “understand” anywhere). You’re strawmanning.

I don’t know about “all 2400,” but both the words “law” and “professor” in this context suggest to me that the vast majority are. And I suspect the rest are (at best) moderates.


I would suggest to you that there are very FEW “law professors” who are “moderates”…certainly vanishingly few who are conservatives. My daughter is currently studying law here in Oklahoma and some of the stuff she’s spouting is decidedly leftist and she’s getting that from her “professors.” This, despite the fact that the school where she’s going has a reputation for being somewhat right of center…or at least did just a few years ago.


What about the letter from the American Bar Association? Same thing?


Yes. The American Bar Association has a lot of tort lawyers in its membership, and the last thing those guys want is is any tort reform legislation to be passed or supported in the higher courts. They are very much a special interest group.


WHICH letter are you referring to, csbrown? The one they first issued declaring Judge Kavanaugh to be imminently well-qualified, the one from SOME of the ABA members which declared that he was NOT imminently qualified or the letter from the board of the ABA which refuted that second opinion? Clearly, the ABA is conflicted. Its board of directors knows that Kavanaugh belongs on the high court and some of its members want to side with the far-left Democrats on the issue instead–especially when they saw just how far the dim-wits were willing to go to stymie his appointment.


I haven’t trusted the Bar Association in years.