There are now five branches of government, not three, and they are decidedly unequal


When I studied history, government and the constitution is school, I learned that there are three branches of government, the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative. All of them were supposed to be equal, but with the advent of the imperial presidency and bureaucracy, and the totally united Socialist Democrat Party there are now five branches, totally unequal in power.

Here is my NEW governmental hierarchy:

**#1. The President **- coming close to becoming a king and dictator though “executive orders,” especially when he gains control of the Supreme Court. At any rate the President now has the power to ignore the Supreme Court as Obama has announced after the court refused to throw out a lower court’s ruling that set aside Obama’s amnesty and immigration reform edict. He will now “prioritize” the deportations, which means he will do nothing just as he has done in the past.

#2. The Federal Bureaucracy - Now writes more laws than Congress and can’t be voted out of office. Its members can’t even be fired, and why should they be? Ninety-nine percent of them are doing their jobs well according the latest government job performance ratings. Wow! Isn’t it wonderful that the Federal Government has been able to find so many stellar employees? You don’t see that in private sector. And you can’t see my tongue in my cheek, I’m telling you it’s there now.

#3. The Supreme Court - The only limitations on its power are that it can’t choose to take up all of the issues that it would like, and the President can subvert its decisions by “prioritizing them” as Obama will do with immigration amnesty. Otherwise it has become a nine person legislature, dressed in black robes, that writes laws and has more power than Congress.

#4. The House of Representatives - The last place where the will of the people can be expressed. It does not have much power because the Senate can veto anything it passes, and the President can veto that if something happens to slip passed the Senate.

#5. The Senate - Truly an almost powerless body because it takes 60 votes to get anything passed, except Obama Care. Out here in the hinterlands, a 60% vote in a general election is considered to be a “landslide.” So it takes a “landslide” for the Senate to do anything. In extreme cases it take 66 votes in the Senate to do anything as was the case when Obama made the ghastly nuclear deal with Iran. The Senate couldn’t even put a protest on the Obama’s desk that he would have vetoed.

And who do we have to thank for that? Sadly Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee whose “Corker Amendment” insured that any protest on the Iran deal would fail. He even gave room for Democrats, like New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, to vote against it so that Schumer could keep his Jewish constituency happy. I became very disillusioned with the Republican Party Senate leadership after that vote.

And who has done more to make the Senate useless than anyone else? Harry Reid. Unlike other Senate leaders who were committed to maintaining the power of their branch of government, regardless of their political party, Reid has trashed the power of the Senate because of his slavish devotion to party discipline.

In the world of Harry Reid the welfare of the Democratic Party is far more important than the welfare of The United States. After all, Democrats like Harry Reid don’t think that there should be any borders between nations. The world should be just all be big happy family, living off the rich and only holding down a job if they feel like it.

Call me cynical, but this is where we are headed, and why we are going in that direction. The government that the founders created with the constitution is systematically on its way to destruction. Our democracy is soon going to be gone.