There are too many people working in America’s schools.


From 1950 to 2009, the amount of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees grew 386 percent while the amount of public school students only grew by 96 percent, according to a recently released report from the Friedman Foundation for Educational Excellence.

Looking even closer at the data reveals that the number of teachers increased by 252 percent during this time period, while administrators and other staff experienced growth of 702 percent – more than seven times the increase in students.

Some states – like Iowa, Louisiana and Mississippi – even increased their staffs when their student populations were declining. By far, the worst offender was my home state of Maine, which saw a decline of 10.8 percent in its student population, but an increase of 76.1 percent in its total staff from 1992 to 2009.

Illinois Policy Institute - Blog - Supply without demand: public school hires increase while enrollment drops

So what we have here is the school system embellishing their ranks while actual student performances are going down.


and they STILL aren’t learning anything.


IIRC avg teacher salary is about $100k for 9 MONTHS work, more admin staff than teachers in many schools…


A lot of times schools don’t prioritize at all.

They’ll put one of those assistant teachers in a biology or literature class, and they are useless. They do nothing. Put them in a math class and they could help students on complex concepts, but even when they are in there they don’t do anything.