There COULD BE 1100 additional daily CV deaths

from these biiiiiiig riots/lootings/arsons I MEAN Protests.

RIIIIIIIGHT. LOL but in this case i’d almost be willing to see a spike. But it is not gonna happen.

walked into neighborhood Walmart today for food things. NO mask…big signs all over… I didn’t pay much attention. Now i’m running into more people without a mask. Another man…I expect that. We chatted. He said in a year or so, everyone is going to learn that this was all just another coup attempt and they’re gonna feel stupid. Some of them. NOT all of them. There are those die hard lefties.

Then a young woman and her husband…i’d say mid 30’s. NO mask. Hasn’t worn one. will NOT wear one. it’s spreading.

As always, the Liberals lie bigger and bigger the more they get exposed; they are nothing if not predictable :rofl:

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Well, there COULD be billions of deaths if a large comet were to impact the Pacific Ocean, too.


ABC News is looking forward to 140,000 deaths. That’s their next “blame Trump” goal.

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I haven’t worn a mask at all.

Virus is smaller than the pore size of the mask, plenty can still get through.

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I had an appointment with my cardiologist this morning and upon entering his office complex, I was greeted by a woman in scrubs–presumably a nurse–who took my temperature, asked if I’d been out of the country within the last 30 days or been around anyone who was sick, made me put on a mask and use Purel before I was allowed to get on the elevator! On the way home, I took off the mask and stopped at a Walmart to get some things for tonight’s dinner. As I was waiting in line to check out, some doofus guy walked up to me and asked me to “please observe the social distancing” and move back to a mark on the floor! I told him point-blank that what he asked was the stupidest thing I’d heard all day. He didn’t reply.

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They’re trying to remain relevant in llight of the incompetence. There is no virus in the spring and summer. There is no infection from asymptomatic people, their models were wrong, the masks are worthless, they show their bias with closing church meetings but hundreds can rub elbows looting and destroying property.

yeah…Some health crisis heh?

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Almost this entire thread did not age well

I predicted 250,000-500,000 deaths back in March. But also said it would have little to no impact on life expectancy, because everyone who was dying was dying a few months early. 90+% of those deaths were coming by 2022 anyway. And so it would have no impact on life expectancy.

Your side just exposes how poorly they understand risk management.

A mere 12,000 deaths from Covid-19 in the United States total as of last month?
I would say those who called BS on this glorified cold long ago were spot on :rofl:

Don’t know where you get your numbers, but we’re over 220K today

Not according to the CDC, you are citing the unverified “Covid-19 related” deaths which include every bit of BS imaginable, those who have been verified to have died FROM Covid-19 was under 12,000 as of a few weeks ago.

Show me

This article explains the BS

And this is the CDC link where all of the data was sourced for that article, that article also included other links worth looking at.

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That’s pretty misleading, it only accounts for deaths where covid is the only listed cause of death. One of the most common cause of death with covid is acute respiratory distress, as a complication of covid. Someone dying of that doesn’t count in the 6%. If anything, it’s actually scarier that covid can cause 6% of deaths without other secondary symptoms (I’m assuming this means the 6% died of some sort of immune response)

No your comment is misleading, the 6 percent IS the number of cases where Covid-19 CAUSED the respiratory failure leading to death; the other 94 percent had pre-existing respiratory conditions AND another 1.6 pre-existing conditions on average BEFORE Covid-19 was contracted. Secondary symptoms is never mentioned, if you die from Covid-19 it is because your respiratory system cannot recover from the infection, that is different than a PRE-EXISTING respiratory issue.

There is nothing misleading about those numbers, they conclude that Covid-19 is not a threat statistically to anyone who is NOT in a high risk group; the annual flu is a far greater risk as it kills many thousands who are not in high risk groups every year including children whose immune systems function at far more efficient levels than adults or the elderly.

Those are the facts, 94 percent of deaths with Covid-19 involvement occur in patients with 2.6 other pre-existing conditions and are an average age of 78 years old.

I don’t know how far you read in that CDC report but there were thousands of deaths listed with physical accidents and poisoning as “comorbidity”!

That 200 thousand plus number is complete BS, none of the facts warrant any more reaction than a big “who cares” regarding Covid-19.