There is a movement afoot!

Democrats are leaving the party in droves.

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It is getting more and more like 1968 all over again. Pat Buchanan worked for Nixon and was in Chicago to observe the democrat convention. One evening he called up Nixon and held his phone out the window of his room at the Palmer House to the sounds of the chaos of the rioters and police in the street and said to Nixon: “This is the sound of victory.”

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CHICAGO this Friday!
SAN FRANCISCO this Sunday!
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Brandon Straka @BrandonStraka
Aug 19

You can’t miss #WalkAway’s Ultimate American Weekend!
*Fri. Oct 2nd- American Women’s Town Hall
@LaraLeaTrump @JudgeJeanine @DiamondandSilk
*Sat.Oct 3rd- #UNSILENT Majority March Register 4 tix to the Women’s event NOW! We’re selling out FAST! INFO/TIX:

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Let’s hope that a lot of rank and file Democrats bolt the party. The looting and violence in our major American cities should be a huge wake-up for middle class a Democrats. All the issues surrounding George Floyd and civil rights are well in the past.

Unless you think that criminals have the right to burn and loot as form of “reparations,” you best look at what they want to do to your life and your future. These people are violent revolutionaries, and they are going to take as much as they can steal until they are met by force.

The progressive Democrats have said repeatedly they they condone this behavior. Responsible citizens need to turn these “public servants” into private citizens at the ballot box. The only property Lorie Lightfoot and Bill de Blasio want the police to protect is THEIR PROPERTY.



Jason Miller 1 year ago
Hell I’m 42 and have been a Democrat my whole life but not any more these Democrats have lost their dam minds.

R John 6 months ago
I’m 66. Been a Democrat until last year. Voted for Trump in 2016. Changed my Party in 2019. Welcome Rebecca!

#WalkAway Hispanic Americans Town Hall, NYC