There Is Nowhere Else To Post This


No, you are not in danger. Neither is Ret, Susanna, or most anyone else currently posting. However, there is that one kid, Seravee… he gets a little lippy from time to time, and the ban hammer is always hovering near him. It is very heavy though, and hopefully my aging Jarhead muscles don’t fail and allow it to slip…

(that is what I hope is an obvious joke)


We were all sorry to see him go, and I didn’t want to ban him but his actions demanded it.


I love walking that fine line.


[quote=“Devilneck, post:21, topic:46856”]
No, you are not in danger.
[/quote]That is appreciated. That Freedominion episode cost some serious real life personal turmoil from June through August of 2006.


Glad to see Patricia respond but shoot I figured I was going to be the next to be banned.


[quote=“Seravee, post:15, topic:46856”]
You’re next CWolf!!! O_O :ninja:
[/quote]I know you plot against me. This plot will come to naught. I have a whole army of animal crackers I can marshal to my side whenever needed. I’m like the Noah of graham crackers. Beware!

[quote=“Susanna, post:16, topic:46856”]
I believe that CWolf was banned once, but restored under, I think, the good graces of WIJG.
[/quote]EV was the one who temp-banned me. Because I made a joke that he sucks with women. Which certainly seems to be true based on things he himself said. I had received a grand total of one warning before(like 2-3 years before, from EV). To my knowledge, I was never in bad graces with the mods(aside from EV and Jay). I suppose FC, now that he’s been promoted.


So glad to see Patricia back and I understand perfectly her reasons. I’m having my own health issues of late. Two weeks ago, I fell getting up in the early morning to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything, but had a small goose-egg on my forehead and lots of bruises and aches and pains. I’m becoming more and more unsteady on my feet and am thinking about asking the doctor about a walker–at least for at night. Anyway, glad to see she came back–at least to explain her absence.


I owe all of you an apology!

There are/were no jerks or ‘jerkettes’ responsible for Patsy’s not posting here!

Sometimes these ‘prescription’ drugs that I am on … embolden me to be an A$$ and apparently … they do the job, very well!:slayer::coffee_spray: