There Will Be No Man Parts In The Ladies Room


After a nearly 18-month slugfest, Houston’s LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance was crushed in a landslide defeat Tuesday – rejected by 61 percent of voters.
“The people of the city have spoken and they have spoken loudly,” Houston pastor Steve Riggle told me.
The nation’s fourth largest city sent a clear message to City Hall: men who identify as women are not welcome in the ladies room.

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Discounting the religious reference in the article practicality tells us that following the lead of those who want to strip gender identity to what ever they tell us they are instead of what they were born is pure madness.

A whole can of worms come into being when we basically ignore real biology and fall for the current “fads” that want to tell us that even children barely born are now somehow the wrong sex they were born with. Opening the doors to not only perverts and others who would use a policy that allows t hem into bathrooms of the opposite sex. Yes I included females who tell us they are men.


What’s the problem? Women’s rooms don’t have urinals, only stalls. And every stall has a door that locks from the inside.


[quote=“Jazzhead, post:2, topic:47630”]
What’s the problem? Women’s rooms don’t have urinals, only stalls. And every stall has a door that locks from the inside.
[/quote]You go into a lot of woman’s bathrooms do you? Tell you what lets remove those male sex organs first then they can be allowed to go in.


Who cares? Everything that’s done takes place behind a locked stall door.


You know so little and prove it daily. So you are fine if a girl of yours is accosted by a pretend transgender?


Of course not. But that’s not a reason to discriminate. The Ku Klux Klan used such ginned-up fears years ago to support separate restrooms for whites and blacks.


Wasn’t there something recently about a university where a man stuck a camera under the wall of one of those flimsy “locking” stalls and was filming up a lady’s skirt? And those locks! When the ground under the building shifts, the locks get out of sync, and can’t be engaged properly. And there’s usually enough space between the door and it’s closure, that a determined peeping tom could see everything he wants to see - not to mention the already described space below the walls of the stalls on most public restrooms.


WTH?? Being black is not a choice. Changing genders is.
You have fallen of the deep end. You REALLY think that is a good thing?
Sad. Truly, sad.


Still not an excuse to discriminate.


I don’t think discrimination is a good thing. Pointing to a few bad eggs doesn’t justify discrimination with respect to an entire group. Again - the Ku Klux Klan used ginned-up of fears of “raping white women” to promote segregated restrooms and lunch counters. It wasn’t right then, and it isn’t right now.

Some social conservatives still oppose arbitrary discrimation, just like in the bad old days. Sad. Truly, sad.


One would think Jazz has never been in a public bathroom of men or women. Stalls are open and can be accessed by looking over and under as well as ill fitting doors.


Still no excuse for discrimination.


I personally think someone who is gender confused has mental problems that will last their life time and I have read stories of those who have tried to switch back. The fact is be careful what you want because getting it can prove you really did not want it.

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You beat me to it. Here I thought no one on this board was stupid enough to argue in favor of this.


There is no discrimination.
What determines gender? Genitals? Preference? Apparel? Nope.
Chromosomes. Xs and Ys. These people are born male, and decide to act and dress, contrary to that.
But, biology is the answer. If you are a man, you’re a man. If you dress like a monkey, and live in a cage, does that make you a monkey? Nope, still human.
These people are ill, and need professional help. Making allowances for their decisions, is not helping. Reality is real. If you are a man, use a men’s rest room. Allowing a man to access women’s facilities is an unfair imposition on REAL women trying to keep some semblance of privacy.


What discrimination Jazz? If you are a male guess what? You use the male bathroom. If you are a man with lady parts guess what? You use the male bathroom. If you are a male playing pretend as a woman guess what? You use the male bathroom. Why don’t you stop looking for a victim to defend before your way of thinking gets someones daughter or wife raped. Your desire to seek “equality” is no virtue.


Not discriminatory, Jazzhead. Your anti discrimination hogwash puts REAL women in jeopardy, and if not jeopardy, invasion of privacy. You only wish to protect the alternative lifestyle folks, who occur in very small numbers, while discounting the rights of REAL women. My wife has the right to use bathrooms marked women, without encountering men.
Why does a man need to use women’s facilities, when the Men’s room is equipped to handle their needs? It isn’t like they need access to a Tampax machine. They are merely fulfilling a depraved need to ACT like a woman. It isn’t that they would be embarrassed by male genitals.
Man, this is really a stupid topic. Anyone who feels these people deserve more accommodations than real women, must be smoking the “GOOD” stuff.


In the matter of privacy even men want privacy. In some bathrooms the urinals do not have walls between them or if one has been to a ball game or such there are troughs in which to pee. Some men will only use a stall because they do not want others to look at them. Having a man in a woman’s bathroom is undoubtedly even more stressful especially if that man is acting strange or showing signs of excitement.

I realize there is an attempt to change mores of people to accept change but still we have people that will balk at seeing the opposite sex in what was a sanctioned area. Even I who cared for women in my job which included taking them to the bathroom do not go into public women bathrooms with normal people. When we took our charges to events I accompanied them because these woman could not go into male bathrooms and vice versa.


Sex-Segregated Public Restrooms Are an Outdated Relic of Victorian Paternalism

Houston voters repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, Nov. 3, in part because, as the New York Times observed, “Opponents said the measure would allow men claiming to be women to enter women’s bathrooms and inflict harm, and that simple message—‘No Men in Women’s Bathrooms’—was plastered on signs and emphasized in television and radio ads, turning the debate from one about equal rights to one about protecting women and girls from sexual predators.” Restrooms haven’t always been segregated by gender, however. In April 2014, Ted Trautman uncovered the history of this relatively recent development. His post is reprinted below

Sex-segregated public restrooms: an outdated relic of Victorian paternalism.

First of all this article from the left of center Slate so their defense on allowing men into woman’s bathroom is the usual tripe. Smaller establishments with one bathroom allow both sexes to use it individually. Parlaying this to mean that we need to allow men claiming to be women in female bathrooms is sheer nonsense.

In some fancier female bathrooms they have couches and such and perform other bodily needs. Men as a general rule do not hang around bathrooms and I can say I have never seen a male use a baby changing station which now are in our bathrooms.


One doesn’t need an “excuse” to discriminate. All one needs is a REASON. “Discrimination” is NOT a bad thing. Every human being does it every day–and for good and sufficient reasons. If you had dry cereal for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs, you “discriminated.” If you bought a Ford instead of a Toyota, you “discriminated.” If you take a taxi instead of a bus, you “discriminate.” If you root for the Alabama Crimson Tide instead of the USC Trojans, you’re “discriminating.” Democrats (and Jazzhead–but then I repeat myself) try to make us think that discrimination is a “bad” thing. It’s not. All it is is exercising “choice,” which they all CLAIM is a fundamental “right” and support in matters of abortion, but in almost NOTHING else.