There's A Bug In Here (LOL)


Well, this IS where we report bugs, right?



At one company I worked for, I heard the story about another employee which took place before my time. When he got married, the programming department was full-swing in writing a new payroll system. So he took the main pay-update program with him on his honeymoon, because of the critical nature of the time frame.

So, when another younger employee got married, our immediate supervisor took a copy of one of the payroll programs, went through it and drew some strange looking critters on random pages, and told him he had to take it on his honeymoon and find the bugs. Later, when I was working in another department as a programmer, one of our young men got married, so I took a copy of one of the programs he had worked on, went out the back door and found a lot of dead ladybugs, which I taped to various spots in the program, and kept the “tradition” alive.


That is why we have IT specialists because of buggy programs :devil:



That’s funny! I love it.

I couldn’t resist this. Y’all know me by now; I can be a clown and also serious here, and all of you treat me so kindly. My message is really, truly this:

I’m happy here. Thanks for providing this forum, mods and admin. These members are awesome, my PM box is full of nice conversations, and although I have to delete a lot of those, don’t worry folks, I copied all of your sweet messages. Your kindness to me is always saved, remembered, cherished and respected.

This bug I’m having difficulty with are all of you. I wouldn’t be able to post something like this if you were mean, nasty, ugly or otherwise horrible. I like you all! Thank you for being here.

Okay, with that being said, somebody hand me a can of Raid, please. I’ll get that dang bug!

A Very Sincere Tigger


LOL! I love that!