There's gonna be the pearl clutching vapors over this

Spare me the tears over George Floyd.

This is not a binary decision. Saying that he did not deserve to die does not absolve him of any crimes that he might have committed. He deserved a trial and if found guilty, punishment. For a few days, the country was united in condemning the way he died.

I believe that conservatives make a grave error when they dig up old transgressions to justify police brutality. It fails logically since Floyd was prosecuted and punished for those past crimes. It most certainly does not justify his death.

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No one said it did. But the guy is certainly not martyr material. Another thing. The left can’t even remember his name if it weren’t for the fact the media keeps publishing it. Both Schumer and Pelosi have mentioned him as George Kirby.

And why were there protests in his name? THe police responded by charging and arresting one specifically then the other three. So what were they protesting…that justice was done?? It was. Now what. This was opportunity for blm/Antifa terrorists to push their agenda. If they win, we lose…everything.

There’s an odd thing going around Facebook these days. The video from start to finish of George Floyd’s arrest and death contains some real oddities. At the beginning, it shows Floyd with a full head of hair as he’s being arrested. At the end, with him on the pavement with that officer’s knee on his neck, he’s bald as an egg. When did the police shave his head?

I am sick and tired of liberal news media doing everything they can to stir up trouble and get the riots started again. Last night ABC News ran a detailed analysis of the Floyd tape audio. They counted of how many times Floyd begged for mercy, said he couldn’t breath and asked for mercy.

We all know the story. The vast majority of us have condemned the police actions and support prosecuting the policeman who put his knee on Floyd’s neck. Given the violence and the looting that occurred in its wake, do we really need to keep up inciting the emotions that led to the violence?

Why should people who had nothing to do with this crime continue to be punished?

If Black lives mattered wouldn’t they be protesting the death of the 46 year old quadrapelegic black guy who was removed from life support because the hospital determined he had no quality of life. Or how about the deaths of the black kids killed last week? by other blacks. WHAT ABOUT the thousands of black babies aborted every day?

I think we all get it…certain black lives matter.

…but not anywhere NEAR all black lives if those lives don’t serve the Marxist’s purpose.


Ahhhh… That tricky word! certain. Love those qualifiers!
Reminds me of “All animals are equal. But, some animals are more equal than others.” I’m sure you guys know the book to which I am referring.

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I don’t because I’m young enough to have read “The Island of the Blue Dolphins” in school. Please tell me what book you’re referring to!

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“Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

You would also do well to “1984” also by Orwell. Much of what he wrote is coming true. If you have one of those Alexa things in your house, you already have a spy within your midst. Orwell predicted such devices would be installed in houses so that the government could eavesdrop on its citizens.


What is a fresh new face doing here?? Haha! Welcome to RO. It’s a great place when the code is working properly and the libs are asleep! Yes, you would do well to read anything by Orwell. The interesting thing about him is that he was an avowed democratic socialist! I would also recommend G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and Thomas Sowell (American Economist & educator). Sorry. I get all excited when a youngin’ asks me educational questions!

You should also read “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. There are two movies out that were made, but only the British movie is any good. Also, here’s a little tidbit: “Lord of the Flies” is translated directly to “Beelzebub”. Not sure if I’m spelling that correctly, but keep that in mind while you’re reading the story.

Golding was a socialist too.

Yes he was. Many writers in the UK were socialists. Not sure why, but that’s how they grew them. Watched a special on The Kennedys and found out that Joe Kennedy was a socialist and like his contemporary, Henry Ford, was pro-nazi, antiSemitic, and a rabid racist. I’m sure there are many more from that era who found comfort in the rich, wealthy ranks of America’s “UnAmericans”. I don’t know why but I have a feeling of deep sadness. On the one hand, I am extremely blessed to be old so I don’t have to continue to watch our country self-destruct, bur I’m also so very sad that we have robbed our children of their American rights.