There's something unusual about China’s affinity with S.Korea President Park Geunhye


There is something unusual about China’s favor with South Korea President Park Geun-hye who will visit China from June 27 to 30. That is very strange if we take into account of her leneage background. Her late father is Park Chung-hee who was a staunch anti-Communist leader. China is run by the Communist Party.

Of course, the fact that Park is the first female president in Korea is something inspiring to China’s elite group. However, this in not enough to explain Chinese’s special affinity with President Park.

There is another important reason. As media also splashes, Park is a fluent Chinese speaker. I heard that Chinese feel instant affinity with foreigners who speak Chinese. Perhaps it’s right. So, I guess the language factor has played an indisputable role in the favorable perception of the Chinese on Park.

It is known that President Park made a broad good relationship with Chinese high officials and prominent politicians. I think it maybe play a good role in brodening bilateral understanding and solving the matter of North Korea. Perhaps after Park’s state-visit to China, China might raise the level of opression to North Korea concerning of nuclear weapons and military provocation.

Anyway, I hope Chinese affinity for Park will affect affirmatively to ease the tension in the east northern Asia and will contribute to the development of relation a notch up between China and South Korea.


Also one must consider the fact that in China money tends to trump Communist ideology, South Korea is industrialized, 1st world, and very close. A little friendliness on the part of the leaders may go a long way toward lowing some trade barriers.


NK is running out of time, … and friends?


North Korea also suddenly proposed high-level talks with the United States. What’s the purpose of it? Maybe it was seriously calculated that this talks proposal is ahead of the visit of South Korea president Park to China. They are very cunning.