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117 years ago today was the culmination of years of effort by a pair of brothers who ran a bicycle shop. While the government was shoveling tens of thousands of dollars (a lot of money a dozen decades ago) in Samuel Langley’s Aerodrome that crashed into the Potomac River on two failed launch attempts, Orville and Wilbur Wright flew into history with their scientifically-developed Flyer, and did so on a comparative shoestring budget. Years later after improvements of their technology, they offered to build newer models for the government. They were told by some genius who didn’t read what they actually had written that the government wasn’t interested in sponsoring would-be designers of flying machines (unless, apparently, their name was Samuel Langley). The more things change, the more they stay the same…


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There’s Wright - Paterson AFB and Langley AFB, so there’s an AFB named after each of them.

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The first US aircraft carrier in the Navy was called “The Langley.”

Langley was a professor at Annapolis, so I’m guessing this (the vessel naming) had something to do with his Annapolis job.

In my late teens, I lived in the Dayton area where Wright-Pat is. I’ve been to the Air Force Museum there many times. I was also at the main part of the base once in '83 (I think) when they allowed the public in to view the Space Shuttle Enterprise on the back of the SCA (modified 747) where it stayed the night on a refueling stop on its way to the Paris Airshow. I happened to be coming by the museum on my bicycle when I heard jet noise, and coming almost over the top of me just to my left, there it was. It flew on and I kept riding, and I was close enough to the main part of the base to see it flaring for landing. When I got there, it was already parked and roped off, with sentries. I’d wished I’d had a camera with me.


Interesting tid-bit about the Wright Bros. memorial. …

The flight didn’t take place where it stands. It was farther north on the island. My great grandad drove one of the dump trucks that brought in the sand for that large dune.


So many times I wished I had a camera “back in the day”, I rarely miss anything cool now that I always have a camera in my pocket :camera_flash::+1:

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The Wright Brothers example shows why socialist run governments often fail to deliver on their promises. Image if Trump had demanded that the government develop a Coved vaccine to the exclusion of the private sector. We would still be waiting for a solution and would continue to wait for many years. By the time the politicians got done handing out money and favors to their contributors and cronies, an effective vaccine would have become a secondary goal.

Imagine asking Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer to solve a national problem. To be fair, the Republican leadership is not a great deal better.

I wanted to borrow Mom’s Polaroid, but she wouldn’t allow it. Afraid of it getting broken on a long bike trip, I guess (from home to the vocational school I was attending for my Jr. and Sr. HS years, school to Wright-Pat, and Wright-Pat to home; on the order of 50 miles total).

I’ve mentioned this before on RO, but there was another aviation comparison between socialism and capitalism, about 30 years after the Wrights first flew.

This was in Great Britain, and it involved the construction of two rigid airships of a similar specification. One, R100, was to be built by private enterprise (the “capitalist” ship), and the other, R101, by the government (the “socialist” ship). The Labor Party had just come into power, and they wanted to show the “superiority” of socialism.

R100 was disadvantaged from the outset by a government insistence as to where it would be built, a location that was inconvenient, while R101 was built at a more favorable location. None the less, R100 came in on time, under budget, performed well, and completed a successful round trip to Canada.

The socialist ship, R101, was late, over budget, overweight, and problem riddled. Because of its poor payload, they tried expanding the gasbags against the frame to get more gas volume, but all they did was create a bunch of leaks from chafing against the structure. Ultimately, they had to cut it in half and add an extra gasbag bay. Even then, it didn’t match R100’s payload. Lord Thomas of Cardigan, a Labor Party muckity-muck, insisted that a scheduled journey be adhered to for him to go to India aboard R101. They did, and he died when it crashed and burned in France.


Back when I could walk (with my wife’s assistance) and wasn’t housebound, I carried my camera (digital) attached to my belt (the camera had a carrying case adapted for belt attachment).

When I got a Trakfone, which has a camera AND a belt attachment carrying case, I carried that instead of a dedicated camera. I figured that would serve to take pictures of any car accident I got in.

Fortunately, I never got into/had a car accident but I carried the Tracfone for that specific purpose (taking shots of a car accident).

Of course, I had my Tracfone camera available for any kewl stuff I saw but never did see anything that rose to that level (kewl).

Poetic justice perhaps?

China developed a vaccine back in July

Apparently Russia developed an even more effective one back in August

From what I’ve seen, the American one is weaker and will require “booster shots” every 60-90 days to remain effective after the initial vaccination. While the Russian developed one is effective “For at least a year, and possibly permanently”.

I’m not getting any vaccine, but if I had to pick one, I’d take Gamaleya’s over Pfizer or Moderna.

How can a vaccine for a flu with a 99.89 percent survival rate with no vaccine be “weaker” than another vaccine?

Will the super duper China/Russia vaccine improve the survival rate to 99.92 percent and the crappy American vaccine will only improve it to 99.90 percent?

A glass of water is as effective as any vaccine for this glorified cold.

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It appears that Mr. Wolf is willing to believe anything the communists tell him. If the Chinese vaccine were that good, they would be selling it to west and would be making a lot of money.

Do you really believe what Putin is telling you about his vaccine? Really? At least you are consistent. You told us how much you admire hell raisers like AOC. Putin certainly qualifies has a hell raiser.

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