They have it on tape!

Kevin McCarthy
He wants every house and Senate member who supports Trump censored!

But he’s okay with Cheney who was okay with the impeachment of Trump!

Don’t get put off by the first name in the article.
(There is audio below)

You may need ear buds if your on an Android phone but here’s the audio.


I have been leery of McCarthy because he’s from California. We don’t need another Paul Ryan as Speaker. The ball is in McCarthy’s court. He is going to have to prove that he isn’t a RINO like Paul Ryan.

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He’s an ultraconservative bast*rd he’s just one that doesn’t like Trump. He likes playing by the rules he thinks Trump turns off wealthy people to the party. They want the scuzzy Trump people to stay outta politics like in the days of Bush and Reagan. I’m at war with myself my political calculus says Trump makes it easier for Democrats to win, but they are also undemocratic like Viktor Orban and once they get in getting them out is hard. Part of me wants your party to scare all wealthy people away. The other part dreads fighting an insurgency.

The last Democrat I supported was Gov.George Wallace and they SHOT him!!! Just think of all the lives saved by voting a GOP TICKET…It boggles the mind.

Makes sense.

The last one I voted for was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Here are some pro and anti Wallace buttons from the 1968 race when he ran as a third party candidate. He almost succeeded in throwing that election into the House of Representatives for the first time since 1824,

School busing for racial equity in the public schools was one of Wallace’s big issues. This piece was from the 1972 Democratic presidential primary season.

And here a couple of anti-Wallace buttons. Rose Mary’s Baby was a very popular film about a woman was raped by the devil and had the devil’s child. It was directed by Roman Polanski.

This satire grew out of the press conference where Wallace introduced Cutis LeMay as his running mate. LeMay was a shoot from the hip military man who sounded like he was ready to start World War III. The Kennedy brothers were leery of him during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So all the Wallace Democrats came into the Fold with Nixon makes perfect since of who we are today. I was told by mother that was the single best moment in political history the failed campaign of Wallace and them folding into Nixon in 1968. She said the irony of an antislavery party nominating a man like Nixon courting Wallace voters was the most ironic thing she ever saw. She lived for Irony and died because of the pain. She never had to see Trump that’s how I justify her going at 60. She never even had to see the start of his campaign she would of lived another 6 years just to see the man leave office.

I realize why we are divided now I realize we can never be “united”. Deep down underneath it all my conservative friends either straight up hate black folk or are afraid of them. Obama was when the hate and fear started. Seeing a black president him being the AntiChrist. No one called Biden the antichrist, no one called Clinton the AntiChirst. The people that hate black folks the most (white southerners) Have every reason for them to be here, they brought them here, they don’t wanna leave, and honestly they have a steak in much of the early development of the south.

I have never heard so much BS in one post!
First, if it wasn’t for the white guilt, of which there never should
have been any … your racist mulatto president would never have been elected!
Being he is half white, I guess he is half responsible for slavery.

As for the Satan crap …

There was no guilt he was a flipping ROCKStar from mars. Trump has the swagger of a stale cheese burger stuffed in a dirty couch left out in the rain. No one was guilted into voting for him. That man had more privilege than me. His mammas side was well off related to Dick “shoot em in the face” Cheney. Let that racism flow show who you are to the 6% of people of color who vote for your brand. You think we felt bad for him lol. He was our leader. We feel bad for Trump tho what a sad sad shell of a man to lose to a senile old puppet that has to do a man in real bad.

Don’t see why. McCarthy’s actions only look bad if you’re “Trump no matter what”, and willing to forget his episode attacking Mike Pence just the day before.

McCarthy attempts at damage control look perfectly reasonable in context.

Well, it is an example of Trump’s fundamental political problem when he’s looking to come back in 2024. He’s got 40% of the voting public who are fanatical in their support. Beyond that, he’s got a lot of people who have their doubts and will give him tepid support at best. When significant portions of the party lack enthusiasm for your candidacy, it can add up to a loss at the polls. George H.W. Bush learned that in 1992.

Your party doesn’t even know who it is outside of him. The platform is warped, your voters are broke as ours. Keep bitting corporate America like DeSantis did in and see how we did during the 1980s. This Disney think is gonna spook the eff out of investors. Trump will rule by mandate he will redefine the GOP in fact he’s pro universal healthcare and he will get your party on board with that once the corporates ditch you guys. We have a centrist-left party and a populist party no center-right party exists here anymore.

I’m sure the message DeSantis was sending is teaching Disney a lesson but the tail does not wave the dog we leaned that with Hillary care and Obama care private sector dictates public sector is an agreement of opposites with us.

2022 could be 1982 for you. First I was afraid I thought Trump and Desantis were Fidez you can’t be Fidez by biting corporate bums when out of power.

Nani? AZ was won by upper middle class suburbanites, who likely moved there from California.

Nah, certain industries really like Republicans. Mining, Manufacturing, Farming, etc. They’re not going Democrat anytime soon:

Yeah of course those on but Disney was very pro GOP, they know this an effort to backdoor and defund schools. The next bill makes it harder for Adjuncts to become tenured. This is an attack on education itself has nothing to do with homosexuality. I thought you guys were playing an Orban a long game, and no thats not it its reactionary and not well thought out. It was with great comfort today that even bigger corporate voices showed caution in Texas and Florida.

Our Areospace here is unionized UAW Local 1243 all of Howmets (Arconix) is unionized right. I wonder like if Areospace is unionized in Colorado? The UAW outspends the Big and Areospace 3 to 1. So yeah Automotive is pro Republican but thats largely dealerships the owners are split 1 to 2 republican to democrat the union is 100% democratic. Were having a Union Revival here. United Healthcare is being unionized right now thats a big one.

Yes I was apart of them. Didn’t like it. Nor do most who are in it.

Most members I knew couldn’t wait to go into any kind of salary position. Or even just a non-Union shop.

Companies with non-Unionized workforce, let their engineers touch the hardware. They are better-run companies.

Union in aerospace, practically guarantees you’re Old Space. Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing, ULA. Not exactly the innovators they once were.

It will be interesting to see how the Starbucks/Amazon/etc. unions progress. If the members feel positive about it and spread the word, I think the floodgates on unionization will truly open in this country.

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In what millennium?

Must of got my wires crossed I though the GOP was the no swears house I thought we were Larry Flint and Co. I guess I assumed because int he 90s my teenage cousins in the no swears house went to church 5 times and month and still watched Disney films I just assumed it had something to do with cultural conservatism. I forgot you guys shed that clean innocent image and brought all manner of filth into your party and as long as its straight hedonism rather than gay inclusiveness its the flipping enemy.

Okay, what in the world are you talking about now?

I was saying the Democratic Party used to be the party of filth until Donald Trump. Thats my main grievance oner all you guys wanna tell a woman how to live then you wanna elect a foul mouth rapist.

If you wanna overturn Roe V Wade you need people who are decent people… not the same kind of people you would of shaken the finger at in the 90s. I don’t even know what the GOP stands for outside of opposition to the democrats anymore.

The GOP made sense in the 90s and early 2000s not it seems like a bunch of crass angry rednecks. They used to be the party of Holy Rollers, now ya know its just sad.