Things not looking good here in Tx for Trump


Got some Fed judge that has said that our voting “discriminates against minorities”…so now you can vote with any piece of documentation you can dig up:

Utility bill…YEP that sure proves your are a citizen

Pay stub…YEP that sure proves your are a citizen

Sam’s Club card…YEP that sure proves your are a citizen

To make it worse you did have to pass a TEST to vote and now that is gone away, yea we required you to be able to fog a mirror.

We are seeing history being made folks. History will talk about how America allowed ANYONE to vote, no citizenship required, the only country in the world that allows anyone to vote from anywhere and vote as often as they can drive from district to district or state to state.

Hillery and the Dims have been saying that this is the year Texas goes Blue, now we know how it will be done. You do realize that Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and possibly Ft Worth are ALL aready BLUE!!! Its been the rural vote that has kept Tx Red!


I said a few years ago that if I moved from this desolate craphole of a State I would not go to Texas, this shocked my family and friends since they thought Texas would be the most natural place in the world for me. I said the reason that I would not go to Texas is not because of Texas now, it is because of what Texas will be in a decade or so; BLUE.

The writing was on the wall, there was an exodus of people from California and a large percentage of them were moving to Texas for the economy; Perry was even out here regularly enticing Californians to move to Texas. When Leftist’s destroy a place they NEVER admit that their ideas destroyed it, they just move elsewhere and fight to implement all the same destructive ideas.

In California they left the cities after they turned them into violence ridden, decadent havens for drug abusers and child molesters and they moved North, East and South of those cities into the rural places where I have always lived; they found the lifestyle “quaint”.

Then they proceeded to wreck those rural areas just like they wrecked the cities, now that the whole State is wrecked they are starting over in Texas; if I moved there I would be right where I am now before my Grandkids were of voting age.

I apologize to Texas, California is a disease of arrogant stupidity and that intellectual vacancy expands toward warmer climates with money; that is you Texas.


Don and RET - you both make a solid case. As an Okie who went to California for school and work I saw 1st hand exactly what you, RET, described. I left California 16 years ago - retired relatively early - and could not wait to get out.

You were correct again, RET, when you noted that after messing in their nest in Cal many have come to Texas and begun the same left-wing demands they used to destroy the once great state of California.

I cannot deny, the large population centers in Texas are all Blue, or damn close to it. The state is not the conservative hotbed I recall from my youth when I came down from Oklahoma and worked on my uncle’s place during the summers. Of course, I was just a kid, so in my mind’s eye damn near everything I recall is through the prism of a past long gone.

I think - and I could be very wrong - that Texas will not go Blue this time. Then again, given the “mistake” running against Hillary, who knows.


There should be some form of anti hospitality fad nationwide toward Californians, anti California signs and sentiments; maybe even a flag that represents loathing for the California mindset (or lack of a mind) and bumper stickers that say GO HOME if you are from California!

This would be tough since everyone in the Southwest is so polite and friendly, by the time they realize they have welcomed Satan to the neighborhood it is too late. Maybe everyone in the Southwest could watch DVD’s of Democrat rallies as a training exercise to see how to be petty and rude, then they can just pretend when Californians are around?

This might shame some into staying away or at least hiding the idiocy that would give them away, a grass roots movement like that might just save the Red States for awhile


Well I guess there’s always Montana. I sure don’t want to move again.
Thinking about it I could reverse the trend & move to Mexico. That’s a lot closer & it’s not like I’d have to scale a fence or anything. (wink)


On the other hand, in Illinois I have the freedom to vote constitution party everytime the republicans decide they want to be dems because we all know the state is going blue anyway.

I hope they run someone against Kinzinger and Kirk.


Colorado was the same. Solid Red when I discovered it in 1989; small government; small in every sense of the word. Carreer pols needed to go elsewhere - the State Legislature paid $12,900 a year in 1995. The governor was traditionally approachable - he called the local chair of the driver’s union for the metro Regional Transit District and the General Manager into his office one day to defuse a brewing strike. Just called them both up, and said, walk on down the street to my office. In an hour.

Imagine that in Illinois.

But those days are long gone, with the wave of invading California expats. Regulations; taxes; silly public works…government light-rail choo-choo’s all over Denver. Laws about idling cars in winter, to warm them up. Cameras everywhere - Denver used to be THE most likely place you’d be put on a government video database just walking down the street.

Now I’m in Montana, and I’m seeing it repeat. Where the hell can you go?


Where can you go?

Well, we are busy reviewing building plans for a new home as we seriously consider saying “screw this” and relocating to Costa Rica - at least on a 1/2 time basis. The only reason it wouldn’t be full time is the fact our son’s family is here.


No need to move to Mexico, Tex. Hillary will move Mexico here.


You might have the “freedom” to vote Constitution Party, but the rub is you get stuck with a Democrat regime every time.


If we see Hillary Clinton start spending significant time in Texas we will know her internal polling shows a real possibility her presence will not be a waste of time and resources.


My point is that I’m stuck with a democrat regime anyway, so I have the ability to make my vote count by telling the republican party to stop running dems with Rs next to their name, like Kirk. That might put another Dem in the legislature, and that sucks, but if they’re already a Dem without a D it’s basically a wash and I’m more concerned about the Court because you can fix your representative once every four years, the court is for life.

If I was in Ohio I’d have to hold my nose and take one for the team on a presidential election day. Then again if I was in Kansas I wouldn’t have to deal with Kirk at all. Always look at the bright side of life…


Texas still has a lot to offer in fact its still your choice even if it goes Blue and here is why. If it goes Blue it will because the cities I ref’d above have the numbers, but lets just look around…due West of me is Edwards county, Pop 2002, 2100 sq miles, good ranch or farm land will run about $1200-$1600 per acre, ain’t no Starbucks, Wal Mart or mall any closer than about 2 hrs, everyone carries guns.

If I can talk my wife into it we are buying a ranch out there…

We still have a lot of counties like that in Texas…