Think she is a FAR LEFT LIBERAL? You make the call


So my neighbor was in town the other day, in from Huntington Beach Ca where she lives. She comes in about 3 times a year to check on her place . She has 2 houses on it and she got it in the divorce settlement so she went back home and rented out the two houses.

She calls me up and want to meet over at the fence line where she has a rental house. I go over and this is what she said:

I want you to put in a gate here where I am standing or you can put in a set of walk over stairs.

  • HUH???

Yea you have nicer property than I do and along this fence line would be a good place for a garden, of course I will take care of it, but I need a gate to come in! When do you think you could have it done?

  • HUH, I am not understanding, you want me to put in a gate so you can put in a garden???

Yes, I need it about 40’ x 80’ and since my house here is close I can run my own water!

  • Your own water, well that real generous of you.

Oh and I need for you to put in a small animal fence in so the animals won’t get in an d eat the veggies and if you want you can take out your fence and that way you can save on putting in a gate.

  • Well this piece of land is overgrown, has a lot of brush and saplings, not sure it suits your purposes.

Oh yea, I know it needs to be cleared and if you get to real soon I can help, but I need to get it going as I want the garden ready for planting around February or so for some of the stuff and besides you can have some of the veggies and fruits, I will share.

  • Your too generous, let me work on this I will get with you later, I got to run, need to get into town to pick up some diesel for my John Deere.

OK, do you have plow or anything like for your tractor we are gonna need one.

  • Gotta run, let know when you are in town again…

YES, she wants to put her garden on my property, she wants me to plow it, build a fence around it and put in a gate so she can come and go…maybe she was dropping acid or smoking dope, but my wife and I were dumbfounded…

You can’t make this up…This is a true story, I am not kidding, my wife was standing there with her jaw open, we just shook our head. I don’t answer when she calls. She is about 60 or so, maybe late 50’s even, got HildaBeast sticker on her car she keeps here.


I’m not following.

She wants mods on her property, let her hire a contractor - and let the contractor, who she’ll hire for price, whose name will end with some sort of “z”…let the contractor rip her off since she’ll be doing it long distance.

If she wants to HIRE you to help her, that’s your business. Charge her for work. Charger her much more for honest work.

If she wants steps over the fence where you don’t want them, tell her to get her Calimex posterior out of your face, out of your space, off your property and out of your life.

And if she continues to be a nuisance, burn the house down. Probably she’ll pocket the insurance money and sell the raw land, and you’re shut of her.


Do I understand she wants you to provide access to your land so she can plant a garden? On top of that she wants you to pay for the work of doing so?


Yeah? I’m not getting it either. She wants to put a garden on YOUR property AND provide her with a gate so she can access it??? Is this woman some sort of moron? I know you won’t DO any of this, but be careful. If she moves the property fence in some fashion, in Texas, if you don’t COMPLAIN about it and force her to put it back on the property line for 15 years SHE can legally claim the fenced-off property as her own!


YES, she wants to put her garden on my property, she wants me to plow it, build a fence around it and put in a gate so she can come and go…maybe she was dropping acid or smoking dope, but my wife and I were dumbfounded…


I thought at first that it was a long build up to a joke but when I got to the last line about the bumper sticker I knew it was for real.


You can go to John Law and tell him this story; or you can get a shotgun out and let her know you’ll show her how it works if she puts one foot on your property. Or you can call Benny the Torch and let her go focus on her nose-candy habit in the that other dimension known as California.

I suspect if you ignore this, you may find out that her mental derangement is a bit deeper than just something off a peace pipe.


Boy my first thought is that you need to sit her down & explain some of the difference between Texas & CA.
That lady has one hell of a pair on her. Wow!


Don that reminded me of something from a few years back. My neighbor in the back came over one day while I was having a new fence put up. Understand that I didn’t know him & he wasn’t paying for part of the fence. Anyway he came over & asked me to put all of the solid boards on his side of the fence because it would look better. I was dumbfounded so before I could say anything the guy building the fence chimed in & said that he was going to build it that way anyway. After the neighbor left I asked the guy why he would put the cross pieces on the inside (the worse view toward the inside). He explained that he built them with 3 cross pieces (rather than 2) all around the fence because they held up better & lasted longer. If he put those on the outside they would become a ladder for anyone to get into our yard illegally. That made sense to me because I had never looked at it that way. But I still thought that it was a real odd request from someone that had no say in the matter.


I bought an old ranch and as they years drug on the family got out of the cattle business and got into the selling land to makes ends meet business… This gal bought her acreage from the original owners back about 35 years ago and I think she kinda sees it as part of hers. My fence was put in by the original owner back in the '40s, so all my fence belong to me. I have another neighbor who borders my fence SW line, he keeps trying to claim it is his fence and I tell him no and it never was as the owner owned all the land over to the road and when he broke off a piece to sell, guess he needed a new truck or just pay his bills he put in a fence. Worse, the guy who bought it did not get a ground survey done and his claim the fence is on his land is phony. He is a retired Doctor and what a JERK he is.


She wants him to do all of the above so that she can plant a garden on his place.


I would work up a lease agreement for the land and a bill for what the work will cost and the requirement that she provide proof of insurance before she works the land; then put it all on an invoice with a hefty profit and then ask her to sign it and pay the construction costs and first months lease in advance.

All with a smile of course.

That is after all how these things work, even in California; she is a Liberal bully but she knows exactly what she is supposed to do if she wants to develop and use land that belongs to someone else. Liberals flee quickly when they find out that they will be held accountable for what they want to do.


Amazing. What a moron.