Third Party Debate at 9:00E


Excluded from the mainstream presidential debates, four candidates representing third parties face off Oct. 23 in a debate, moderated by former CNN talk-show host Larry King. The forum, described by sponsors as the Free and Equal Debate, will be broadcast live by C-SPAN and livestreamed over the Internet, starting at 9 p.m. EDT.

Those taking part – Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson – typically are left out of mainstream media analysis. None is polling in sizable numbers – as the Reform Party’s Ross Perot did in 1992, when he won almost 19 percent of the vote.

Third-party candidates make their case for the White House — Christian Science Monitor

Airs at 9:00 pm Eastern on C-SPAN. C-SPAN livestream.


Not wasting my time.

Now begs the question, when will the Libertarian, Green and Constitution party figure out that they are doomed to irrelevance until they get instant runoff voting on the ballot in every state?

Instead, they seem to prefer just remaining totally and absolutely irrelevant. Few people will ever give them a look so long as they’re nothing but a repository for wasted votes.


At the same time, if any one of them gets 5% of the popular vote, they get funding next year. In my mind, that’s a good enough reason to vote for them, even if they have no chance of winning in this election. Anything to stop the dual dictatorship of Democrats and Republicans.


That would only make matters worse. If a Libertarian gets funding, basically whatever Democrat runs the next time gets elected. If the Green party gets to %5, whatever Republican will be elected. It would be the same for Constitution as Libertarian, but even a bit worse on the Republican.

I don’t want to increase their spoiler effect. I want it mitigated. Then we can see about elevating them. The only way to eliminate the anchor of wasted vote, is to get instant runoff voting in place. Then you can vote Constitution and take Republican as your backup. Or Green and Democrat as your backup.

Once we get instant run-off voting we can do all sorts of crazy things. Like multiple candidates from the same party.


I agreed with Cam earlier and now I agree with you? WTH is going on?


but because of the 2 party system none of them will ever get to or sustain that 5% mark, its a catch 22 of stupidity that sucks in disillusioned fools


Thanks, Yossarian. It would seem the solution is to eliminate the Catch-22. Maybe with some instant run-off voting?


So your solution is to get democrats and republicans to legislate a system that would give thier parties less power?


Instant run-off voting could be handled with a voter referendum. It would not require a state legislature. It’s the only voting change we can make without a constitutional amendment.