This Book is Truly Breathtaking

I just finished the Grapes of Wrath and I must say that it was a very moving book probably one of the most moving books I have ever read. I had to read this for school and I wish I would’ve read it sooner though it did take awhile to read. I could feel what each character was feeling and could see how hard it was during the Dust Bowl migration. I will never understand what the Depression was like for the people that experienced it but I do know that it was a devastating and horrible time. What the Joad family did for others and what they did to help their family survive was truly amazing. I thought the ending was…I don’t know odd at first but given Rose of Sharon’s state, the trauma she was feeling from the death of her baby and how her husband walked out on her, I finally saw how compassionate and an amazing character she was to help a man stay alive and what she would do for others. She was unselfish and I loved her to death for what she did. I recommend this book for anyone that hasn’t read it yet. It will definitely change your mind about a lot of things.

I read that in college, and wasn’t all that impressed by it. Not that there was anything specifically wrong with it, but it just was not the kind of thing I cared to read about.

Well everyone is allowed to have their own opinion