This ILLEGAL ALEIN is going to be a guest of a Florida Representative cont.


at the State Of The UNion Speech. Wonder who he’ll vote for for the rest of his life, and influence thousands more illegals to vote for, if not illegally, as soon as they get amnesty.

Florida weighs case of illegal immigrant who passed bar exam - Chicago Tribune

Take away the votes of Latinos, Hispanics, and muslims who were given citizenship or just voted illegally and Conservatives would have controlled the U.S. Government since the 80’s.

Our idiotic immigration policy and education system are…no not are…have destroyed my Country.

I’m so pissed about it…I’m going to start calling them ‘Wetbacks’.:banghead::banghead::banghead:


Flori-DUH…doesn’t surprise me. Well, all I can say is this is par for the course. With another 4 years looming over our heads, there’s little chance of rectifying this. We indeed are in the age of LOONEY TOONS! Can’t wait to see the first illegal alien receiving his medical license…