This is so me take indie hipster pop and make it metal. My two favorite Genres Dreampop/Triphop mixed with death metal. Originally written by Icelandic indie pop artist Royksopp. Covered by Norwegian Death Metal Band Enslaved. The level of Pretentious Hipster meeting Brutal Death metal is my spirit animal I call Nanananamooookoo.

Pretty good. Ever heard phantogram?

Yes, you gotta be younger than me. When I’m Small is always on my 4th auto generated playlist on Spotify. Honestly rock took a nose dive after the Industrial died out in the us in 2001 and the Eu in 2006… the hipster Revival in 2005 saved my ass from having to listen to crap like Finger Finger Death Munch & Gorjira.

I’ve always loved Trip Hop from the early Smashing Pumpkins to the Experiential Cure stuff up to Sneaker Pimps, Phantogram, Royksopp, Knives, Silversun Pickups, Chelou. I’ve always been a huge fan of industrial with KMFDM, Ministry, NIN, Manson, Wumpscutt, VNV Nation. Also a fan of Death Metal with Crematory, Darkseed, In flames, Paradise Lost, The Kovenant, Anathema, Atrocity, Beseech.

The first Tape I ever had was Siamease Dream by Smashing Pumpkins my parents divorced when I was 6 and it came out and I wanted it really bad and it’s kind of been the soundtrack to my life.

Also a huge fan of David Bowie, Sting, 80s New Wave, Depeche Mode, Garbage… a whole field of ALT.

I’m really hard on Punk Rock cause I’ve seen many 100 bands come and go just in Grand Rapids… and no one really nailed it like Leatherface, Social Distortion, Dead Kennedys, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack.
Never liked pop, mainstream rock (outside of grunge/britpop), country, blues, jazz, classical.

Like most my shirts are band shirts, with the exception of like I have 3 Professor Genki shirts from Saints Row. The idea of a serial killer game show host is just amazing and how they gave no craps about barely writing a back story for a deranged cat with a baseball bat forcing you to play Homicidal Game shows. I was asked to leave an amusement park for a shirt that said “Murder Time Fun Time”. So I agreed to turn it inside out, 20 minutes later I resided it back forward when that one idiot left.

I know I’m a jerk I was watching Dune last saturday in theaters like it was meant to be watched. I paid 9 dollars thats a lot I’m gonna Vape in there, I’m gonna sneak in food. They tried to nail down where them clouds were coming from but everyone was super chill about it shrugging.

I’m cooking a ham and a turkey thought my inlaws were coming they’re not they have covid, they didn’t get the vaccine. I’m really thrilled so I can totally do this how I want which is a pig out with no effs giving not even getting out of my Pjs.

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Vaping in a theater nice :laughing:

I do not condone the Use of Marijuana it’s all a barrel of monkeys in the beginning that becomes a train wreck later in life. In 2007 whenever Reno 911 came out. I lit up a joint in a theater, there were like 3 other people, and my friend Becca was working that day. I told her I was gonna do it too. I’m like if someone got an issue you run and tell me. The three other dudes were floored it was a high class misdemeanor in 2007 no medical exemption. I asked them if they wanted a smoke they were good.

Dude was like you got some big balls, in fact Gynomasteia causes big testes. It causes T production overflow because it tries to keep up with demand with poor absorption rate. I hate that people think Gynomasteic patients have low t levels, no just low aromatization rates.

I wanna point it out in twins real quick. So people don’t think I’m a soy boy. Neither one of these dudes are fem. As someone who has been trying my whole damn life to keep the body fat off, and the low muscle growth. I have more muscle mass than the average 34 year old with my bio-reading but also more adipose tissue. Anyway ya big balls an issue with that.

Now going back to a separate issue regarding conservativism. You guys claim to be so small government but you actually care what the government thinks. I done time proving. I don’t care what they think. I’d rather do what I believe. I should and can and want to rather than ask permission.

You all get weepy on 911 but man that patriot act & forever wars was the worst thing that came out of that. We’re never gonna get love from the Arab world and we shouldn’t care what they think of us. My response to 9/11 would be to open fire on the Saudi embassy and drop a bomb on the Bin Laden construction building a few banks in Saudi Arabia that financed them coming here. I would of put maybe 5000 stability forces along the Afghan border put a hid on Bin Laden himself. They told the troops to stand down at Tora Bora because they needed those defense (Haiburton) contracts they needed a reason to keep fighting.